Western Cape Liquor Authority board vacancies: interviews

Community Safety, Cultural Affairs and Sport (WCPP)

12 November 2020
Chairperson: Mr R Allen (DA)
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Meeting Summary

Video: Standing Committee on Community Safety, Cultural Affairs and Sport, 12 November 2020, 07:30

Part Two 

Fifteen candidates were interviewed via a virtual platform for the two vacancies on the Western Cape Liquor Authority Board. The interviewees were: Dr CG America; Dr W Fareed-Brey; Mr M Maphike; Dr L Mdunyelwa; Dr Scheepers; Mr H Elliot; Ms V Kula; Mr A Le Roux; Mr M Malan; Mr M Marutha; Ms S Fowlies; Mr S Tawe; Mr JJ Willemse; Mr AG Miller; Prof DJ Visser.

In a subsequent meeting the Committee resolved to recommend Luzuko Mdunyelwa and Andreas le Roux to the Community Safety MEC to fill the two vacant positions on the board.

Meeting report

The Chairperson explained that this is a multi-party committee and each Member will ask one question, with the option of one clarity-seeking question.

The interviewees were asked the same questions:

Mr M Kama (ANC) asked what, according to the Liquor Act, are the responsibilities of the Western Cape Liquor Authority Board?

Ms L Botha (DA) asked what skills and knowledge the candidate would bring to the Board, if appointed, and what the candidate's value-add would be.

Mr G Bosman (DA) asked the candidate how the Board should balance reducing alcohol-related harms versus the role it plays in growing the economy and ensuring that the industry is not destroyed, thereby resulting in massive job losses. What would the candidate do to  tackle illegal liquor outlets?

The Chairperson asked if the candidate would be able to attend the required number of meetings as well as any special meetings. If appointed to the Board, how this would affect the candidate's current role.

Refer to audio for responses.


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