Committee Report on KwaZulu-Natal Study Tour: adoption

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25 November 2003

Mr D Kgware

Documents handed out
Committee Report of KwaZulu-Natal Study tour (Awaited from clerk)

Some members expressed concern about the minutes not being a fair reflection of their attendance. Mr Kgware said that this would be clarified in the Committee's Annual Report. Other than previous minutes, the brief meeting dealt with two other items, namelythe report of the Committee's visit to KwaZulu-Natal and preliminary arrangements for a conference on multilingualism.

Ms M Themba (ANC, KwaZulu-Natal) and Dr Van Niekerk (FA) expressed that the minutes were not a fair reflection of their attendance. Ms Themba had replaced Mr BJ Tolo but had not received notice of the meetings. Mr Van Niekerk's name appeared on the list of those present at the meeting of 2 April and then not again because of confusion about the identity of the legitimate representatives to the Committee. Mr Kgware said that the matter would be clarified in the Committee's Annual Report but Ms Themba was still concerned about the impression her Provincial Legislature would gather from the minutes. Members were reminded that it was their duty to check the formal announcements. Eventually the minutes were approved, subject to their being a rider that the record of attendance would be rectified in the Annual Report. This was proposed and seconded by Ms E Gouws (DA) and Mr Van Niekerk respectively.

Mr Kgware asked for a proposal on follow up on the report on the Committee's visit to KwaZulu-Natal. Mr Van Niekerk proposed that the report be given to researchers to decide which recommendations should go to the Minister, MEC and other departments, after which the Committee could carry out its oversight function. It was noted that the Human Rights Commission's report had alleged that responses from Departments were slow in arriving. Specific issues were mentioned from the report including water in rural areas, roads, language and mother tongue education in early years, and a dilapidated college in Empangeni. It was agreed that there should be a heading for substance abuse in the recommendations.

The report was formally accepted by the Committee.

An Ad-Hoc Committee was formed to arrange a conference on multilingualism early in 2004, consisting of Mr Van Niekerk, Mr Kgware, Ms NB Sono (DA) and Ms Themba.

The meeting ended with Mr Kgware expressing heartfelt thanks to the Commiteee members for their hard work during the year. He asked them to ensure that their laptop computers could receive emails at home during the break. The members all expressed warm appreciation for Mr Kgware's care and efficiency.

The meeting was adjourned.


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