Committee Programme; Minutes; Resolutions/Actions

Premier & Constitutional Matters (WCPP)

02 September 2020
Chairperson: Mr R Mackenzie (DA)
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Meeting Summary


The Standing Committee on Premier and Constitutional Matters convened on a virtual platform to consider and adopt its draft programme and minutes dated 12 August 2020. The importance of an Education Oversight visit to rural areas was emphasized by the Chairperson and was subsequently scheduled for Melkbosfontein Primary School

A briefing by Nexus Forensic Services and the Department of the Premier on the lifestyle audit report of the Western Cape Cabinet was meant to take place at this meeting but was however postponed to the next available date to accommodate all participants. 

Meeting report

The Chairperson took a moment to give reasons as to why the Nexus Forensic Services Lifestyle Audit Report on the Western Cape Provincial Cabinet could not take place as agreed in the Committee’s previous sitting. He listed conflicting dates between various Members, and the unavailability of a senior official to give the report as reasons as to why it was deemed appropriate to postpone the briefing to 21 October 2020.

Mr C Dugmore (ANC) expressed support for the postponement of the briefing, affirming that it is indeed important for the DG, the Premier, and the company to be present for the briefing.

Adoption of Draft Committee Programme

The Chairperson too Members through the Committee programme for the next term. The programme included an oversight visit and cluster visit to rural areas, particularly Melkbosfontein. He asked the Committee for its input on the possibility of requesting time from the Premier to visit the Melkbosfontein Primary School and the centre that was opened there by the Premier.

Mr Dugmore raised concerns regarding potential conflicts with the programme already put in place by the Education Committee [Mr Dugmore’s input could not completely come across due to connectivity issues from his side]

With no further input from the Members, the Draft Committee Programme was adopted.

Adoption of Minutes

Committee Minutes Dated 12 August 2020

The resolutions that were taken at that meeting have been resolved and a status report from the Department of the Premier and the Director-General has been subsequently received and will be forwarded to Members. The presentation on The Western Cape Economic Recovery Plan has been scheduled for the next available date.

The Chairperson encouraged Members to inform him and the coordinator if they have any specific oversight visits in mind.

Mr Dugmore raised a provincial constitutional issue regarding the lack of an Environmental Commissioner despite there being a provision in the provincial Constitution that requires the appointment of an Environmental Commissioner. He requested input and a potential plan from the Department at the Committee’s next sitting.

 The Chairperson acknowledged the matter was indeed important and agreed to the request. He further sought clarity on whether the previously requested copy of the letter written by the Premier to the President regarding concerns with the district development model has been provisioned to the Committee.

It was affirmed that the copy has indeed been provisioned.

The Minutes dated 12 August 2020 adopted.

The Chairperson assured the Committee that he will give Ms L Botha (DA; Chairperson of the Standing Committee on Education) a call regarding her visit.

The meeting was adjourned.


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