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14 July 2020
Chairperson: Mr B Maneli (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

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In a virtual meeting, the Interview Sub-Committee was updated on the verification and security checks for the MDDA Board candidates. The Committee Content Advisor reminded Members that the National Assembly recommendation process is subject to three conditions: public participation, transparency and openness and the publication of the shortlist. The Sub-Committee deliberated on its choice of four recommendations from the interviewed candidates. The final names recommended in order of priority were: Mr Hlengani Mathebula, Ms Brenda Leonard, Ms Andiswa Ncingwana and Ms Marina Clarke.

Meeting report

MDDA Board recommendations
The Chairperson told the Sub-Committee that they would receive an update on the qualifications verification and security checks known as primary and secondary vetting so it can craft its recommendations based on the interviews.

Committee Secretary, Mr Thembinkosi Ngoma, reported that all 20 candidates were sent consent forms as required. 19 consent forms were received but one candidate's form has still not been received. 17 candidates have been verified. There were delays with Umalusi and the University of Johannesburg for one candidate. Of the 20 candidates, all qualification verifications came back positive.

For the security check, 19 candidates had submitted fingerprints with their consent forms. The forms arrived but a number of delays were experienced as some candidates could not get assistance at their local SAPS station who had sent them back and forth. This information was sent to the State Security Agency (SSA). One candidate was in contact with someone infected with COVID-19 and had to go into self-isolation for 14 days and her fingerprints only arrived on 10 July. The SSA offices are closed until 16 July as the offices were affected by COVID-19 and the forms of the 18 candidates have not yet been sent back. Numerous attempts have been made to get the one outstanding consent form and fingerprints but this has not been provided.

The Committee Content Advisor, Mr Mbombo Maleka, said that six candidates would be appointed by the President on the recommendation of the National Assembly which is subject to three conditions that include the participation of the public, transparency and openness and the publication of the shortlist.

The Committee Secretary noted there are four vacancies; the Committee must recommend four candidates to be appointed by the President.

The Chairperson asked Members to engage in discussion on the four candidates to be recommended.

Ms N Kubheka (ANC) requested that parties engage on the matter for three minutes.

The Chairperson then asked each party for its list of recommended candidates in order of priority.

Ms Z Majozi (IFP) said the IFP recommended these candidates in order of priority: Ms Andiswa Ngcinwana Ms Marina Clarke, Mr Edwin Naidoo, Ms Brenda Leonard and Mr Luzuko Buku.

Mr C Mackenzie (DA) said the DA recommended these candidates in order of priority: Ms Bernadette Muthien, Dr Ayanda Vilakazi, Ms Brenda Leonard, Mr Hlengani Mathebula and Ms Lichelle Barry. He said he really wanted to single out Ms Rosie Motene as a candidate and some of the others such as Mr Edwin Naidoo and Mr Luzuko Buku who all come next on the DA list.

Ms Kubheka said the ANC recommended in the following order: Mr Hlengani Mathebula, Ms Brenda Leonard, Mr Edwin Naidoo, Ms Marina Clarke, Ms Andiswa Ncingwana, Ms Nomfundo Kakaza, Mr Qondile Khedama, Ms Nolitha Pietersen, Ms Bernadette Muthien and Mr Lionel Adendorf.

Mr F Mokoena (EFF) said the EFF recommended: Mr Hlengani Mathebula, Ms Andiswa Ncingwana and Ms Rosie Motene.

Mr Mackenzie asked which candidate had not submitted a consent form for verification of qualifications.

The Chairperson said this would be made known at the end of the meeting so as to treat all candidates fairly.

Mr Mackenzie commented that Ms Andiswa Ncingwana was scored very low on his list and the Committee should be mindful of the amount of governance experience required in an institution like the MDDA. Mr Hlengani Mathebula has a wide range of experience and is the perfect candidate. Dr Ayanda Vilakazi and Ms Bernadette Muthien are also good candidates with a wide range of experience.

The Chairperson said Ms Marina Clarke would represent women and people with disabilities.

Mr Mackenzie said he agreed, and said that Ms Rosie Motene was a very strong activist for LGBTQI issues and this type of representation was needed. He emphasised that she made his list, just not his top 5.

The Chairperson said four names should be recommended.

The Committee deliberated on the candidates and the names recommended by the Committee in order of priority were: Mr Hlengani Mathebula, Ms Brenda Leonard, Ms Andiswa Ncingwana and Ms Marina Clarke.

The Chairperson adjourned the Sub-Committee meeting.

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