Sport, Arts and Culture Budget: Committee Report

Sports, Arts and Culture

14 July 2020
Chairperson: Ms B Dlulane (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

Video: Portfolio Committee on Sport, Arts and Culture, 14 July 2020

Tabled Committee Reports

The Committee met to consider and adopt its Report on the Impact of COVID-19 on the Strategic Plan and Annual Performance Plan of the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture Budget Vote 37.

Members voiced concern around the Department’s COVID relief fund and the people being paid. They asked what criteria were used to disperse the funded and how those denied could be assisted to reapply. They said the Department was given a lot of money for the fund. The Committee agreed the Report was a reflection of the views of the Committee and said the Report should be adopted so that the Committee could hold the Department to the content thereof. The DA noted the Report with reservations. The EFF did not support the adoption of the Report.

Various sets of Committee minutes were considered and adopted.

Meeting report

Report of the Portfolio Committee on Sport, Arts and Culture on the Impact of COVID-19 on the Strategic Plan and Annual Performance Plan of the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture Budget Vote 37: Sport, Arts and Culture

Dr Samkelo Mahlobo, Committee Content Advisor, took the Committee through the Report

The Chairperson said that Members should engage with the Report but ultimately it should be adopted.

Mr R Madlingozi (EFF) said that only R40 million of the R150 million has been used and that is a problem.  Today there is IMPRA and the Minister knows that there is R10 million and it is being dispersed as a COVID-19 relief fund - that is not right because that money is being legitimately generated. We are still talking about that and it is robbery and the Minister knows about it. All this talk about money and these figures being thrown at us is a mockery and should be rejected in its entirety because people are suffering.

Mr B Luthuli (IFP) said that he is concerned about the list of paid people because some people got R10 000 while others received R20 000. What criteria were used? The Department was given a lot of money, about R110 million, but it was not given to the people who were supposed to get it. How does one help the people who got rejected to reapply because some were rejected with no reason?

Mr M Seabi (ANC) asked whether the Report represents the views of the Committee. If it does, it raises issues from when the Department presented. The Minister of Finance says that this is a supplementary budget but another budget is still to be made available in another phase. As Mr Luthuli said, people must be assisted with reapplying so that this money can go where it is supposed to go. The Report should be adopted so that the Committee can raise the issues with the Department.  

Mr T Mhlongo (DA) asked how much was spent on outsourcing. He clarified that the Department failed to make payments for three months and not five.

Ms V Malomane (ANC) agreed with Mr Seabi that the Report should be a reflection of the views of the Committee and that it should be adopted.  The Department should reopen applications for the second time. It has said there are still appeals as the appeal period has been opened.

The Chairperson said that the Report is a reflection of what the Committee discussed. The Committee will continue to monitor the relief fund. There are those who need it most. Regarding Mr Luthuli’s question on why people do not receive the same amount of money, a report on that was received. She reiterated that she is happy that the Report reflects the discussion of the Committee. She put the Report for adoption so that the Department can be compelled to do what the Committee wants it to.

Mr Mhlongo asked for figures.

Dr Mahlobo said that he did not have them, but he would provide them after the meeting and forward them to the Member.

The Chairperson said that when he finds the figures, he should circulate it to all Members.

Mr Mhlongo said that the Report should be noted with reservations.

Mr W Faber (DA) agreed with Mr Mhlongo.

Mr Seabi said that Mr Faber is an alternate and so his vote will not hold.

The Chairperson said that if a Member of the DA is not present then a vote from an alternate is sufficient.

Members supported that the Report should be adopted save for Mr Madlingozi.

The Report was adopted.

Consideration and adoption of Committee Minutes

Committee minutes dated 5, 7, 12, 20 and 29 May 2020 were adopted.

Meeting adjourned.


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