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Public Accounts (SCOPA)

18 November 2003
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Meeting Summary

A summary of this committee meeting is not yet available.

Meeting report


18 November 2003

Mr F Beukman

Documents handed out:

The main purpose of the meeting was to hear reportbacks from the Committee's Work Groups. However, as not all members were present, only Ms Mothoagae was able to present her report. The Chairperson then suggested that all other issues on the agenda be dealt with at the meeting the next morning.

The Chairperson, noting the absence of several members, suggested that the Committee deal with whatever issues they could and carry the remaining reports over to the next meeting.

Mr Smith (ANC) expressed his concern about a SCOPA debate later in the day of which he had not been informed. He was worried about the speaking time allocated to each party and wanted to know who had organised the programme.

The Chairperson responded that the Committee's current formal position was that only the Chairperson took part in the debate. He was unaware who had compiled the programme.

Mr Smith argued that the debates were unwarranted as he felt that no one should be able to overrule a decision made by the Committee.

Mr Bell (DA) stated that he had been informed of the debate the previous day, but that he was unaware of who had organised it. He felt at this late stage that the debate should proceed, but that in the future the Committee should investigate the arrangement of debates.

The Chairperson again reiterated that the standard practice was that only the Chairperson attended the debates.

Mr Chiba (ANC) also voiced his concern as to how debates were organised.

The Chairperson responded that the new Committee would have to consider the procedure for the organising and timing of debates. He then welcomed the tabling of reports from the Work Groups.

Ms Mothoagae (ANC) reported that the Group had a few outstanding issues. The Groups had reached resolution on four outstanding reports but these had not been tabled. The Group had discussed the outstanding report on the Water Board and the local Government report from the Auditor General, but conclusions had been reached. They had also dealt with replies from the Compensation Commission, but the replies had not been "up to scratch".

The Chairperson thanked Ms Mothoagae and asked if any of the other Groups had anything to report.

Mr Chiba thought that three of the resolutions had been adopted and only one was outstanding. There was nothing further to report.

The Chairperson thanked Mr Chiba for his report. He then suggested that the other issues on the agenda be dealt with the next morning. The Committee agreed.

Mr Chiba asked about the arrangements for the Committee's trip to Robben Island.

Ms Keto (Auditor-General's Office) said the members would board the ferry at 9.45 am. She then requested that all Committee members wear the T-shirts that had been handed out.

The meeting was adjourned.


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