Basic Education Budget: Committee Report

Basic Education

28 May 2020
Chairperson: Ms B Mbinqo-Gigaba (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

Video: JM: PC on Basic Education & SC on Education and Technology, Sports, 28 May 2020
Audio: Basic Education Budget: Committee Report 

Tabled Committee Reports

The Portfolio Committee on Basic Education and the Select Committee on Education and Technology, Sports, Arts and Culture met to adopt the draft minutes of 19 May 2020. It was adopted without amendments.

The Portfolio Committee proceeded with consideration and adoption of the Budget Vote Report: Vote 16: Basic Education, which was also adopted.

Meeting report

Consideration and Adoption of Draft Minutes dated 19 May 2020
Mr S Ngcobo (DA) moved for the adoption of the minutes, and Mr E Siwela (ANC) seconded the adoption.

The Members of the Select Committee on Education and Technology, Sports, Arts and Culture left the meeting.

Consideration and Adoption of Committee Budget Vote Report: Budget Vote 16: Basic Education
Ms N Adoons (ANC) moved for the adoption of the Budget Vote Report, and Mr P Moroatshehla (ANC) seconded the adoption.

Dr S Thembekwayo (EFF) said the EFF will not adopt the Budget Report.

Ms M Sukers (ACDP) said she is not adopting the Report.

Ms N Shabalala (ANC) said she supports Ms Adoons on adoption of the Budget Report because it was forwarded to everyone before the meeting. The Committee also consulted legal opinions on the Report, and there is no need to go back and forth.

The Chairperson said because it is a Budget Report being considered and adopted, it is expected to have disagreements. The Budget Report was already adopted and she suggested the meeting continues.

The Chairperson said because of COVID-19, there are some programmes which were adopted beforehand, but the Portfolio Committee could not follow through with it. The Portfolio Committee got a directive from the Office of the House Chair regarding processes to follow moving forward.  This is why it had to end up doing the budget process with the National Council of Provinces (NCOP). The next step is to wait for the Office of the House Chair to give a directive on how the Portfolio Committee must move forward, because it is finished with the budget process.

Mr Moroatshehla asked if the Portfolio Committee Members are expected to go and monitor the reopening of schools for constituencies, and if the Portfolio Committee will have a common instrument in the form of a checklist to allow Members to report from a common point of view.

The Chairperson replied to Mr Moroatshehla’s question, saying she does not remember the Committee receiving a format of what can be used. She suggested the Portfolio Committee requests one, so it can circulated amongst Members.

Ms Shabalala supported Mr Moroatshehla’s question and suggestion.

Dr Thembekwayo said she has compiled her own checklist based on the list of requirements for personal protective equipment (PPE), such as water, and anything else she will need on Monday when the schools reopen.

Ms Sukers supports Mr Moroatshehla’s suggestion, and emphasised she did a roll call in her province, and received reports from other parts of the country saying schools are not ready to reopen on Monday. She also heard of other problems.

The Chairperson said what matters is there is a consensus in the meeting, and it does not matter when the schools reopen in different places. This can be dealt with as it happens. She will try to make sure the Portfolio Committee gets a checklist before Sunday evening, and will get it emailed to all the Members to use. The Chairperson said she is glad the Committee will be on the ground, and said she does not foresee many schools will be able to open by Monday. She said the Portfolio Committee Members need to especially note down those schools struggling with challenges. This way the Committee will know.

The meeting was adjourned.


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