Anti-Terrorism Bill: finalisation

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13 November 2003
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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report

13 November 2003

: Mr M George

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Anti terrorism Bill (as adopted by the Committee)

This final version of the Bill contained a few amendments that the drafter and the Chairperson of the Justice Portfolio Committee thought necessary. The Committee unanimously adopted the Bill

Long title
Advocate P Jacobs said that they (he and Advocate de Lange) have added "to provide for a mechanism to comply with UN Security Council Resolutions in respect of terrorist and related activities" in the long title.

Clause 1
Appropriate government body

The presenter said that the words "with reference to section 15" have been added to the definition just after 'appropriate government body'.

Clause 1

Police officer
Advocate Jacobs said that the word "member" just after 'means a" has been put in inverted comas and is also bold.

Chapter 2
Part 1
Offence of terrorism and offences associated with and connected to terrorist activities
Advocate Jacobs said that the heading of part one has been changed to " offence of terrorism and offences associated or connected to terrorist activities".

Part 2
Convention offences

Offences associated or connected to financing of specified offences
Clause 4

The presenter pointed out the word "entities" in 4(1)(I)(iii) has been replaced by "entity".

Schedule of laws amended or repealed
Criminal Procedure Act 51 of 1977
The presenter indicated that reference to section 34A of the Nuclear Energy Act has been replaced by section 56(1)(h).

Non-proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction Act 87 of 1993
Advocate Jacobs said that they had added section 26A which deals with the written authority of the National Director must be obtained before prosecution under s26 (1)(j) or (k).

Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of communication-related information Act 70 of 2002
The presenter said that the words "relating to terrorism" have added in item 2 after 'any offence' and that the words are in bold.

The chairperson read the motion of the desirability of the Bill and nobody objected to its desirability. He thereafter presented the Bill as a whole in order for members to vote for or against the Bill. The Committee unanimously adopted the Bill.

The meeting was adjourned.


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