Committee Programme 2001

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Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs

20 February 2001
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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report


20 February 2001

Chairperson: Mr Y Carrim

The committee programme will be available by the end of February. Among the important Bills that will come before the Committee is the Municipal Structures Amendment Bill in the second or third week of March. Other bills scheduled between April and September are the: Disaster Management Bill, Property Rating Bill, Remuneration of Public Office Bearers Amendment Bill, Volkstaat Bill and Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural Communities Bill. Apparently the Municipal Finance Bill will be dealt with later in the year.

The Chairperson said the Programming Committee would not be able to finalise dates for this Committee's review of the department budget until later in the week. Consequently, the committee programme would be made available to the Committee only by about 28 February.

He announced that on 6 March 2001 the Municipal Demarcation Board would meet with both the Portfolio and Select Committee at the Constantia Conference Centre.

The following Bills come before the Committee this session:
1. The Municipal Structures Amendment Bill, dealing with the role of traditional leaders in local government, would reach the committee by the third week of March. Although the Bill is more or less finalised, there is currently a consultation with the Coalition of Traditional Leaders and other stakeholders. This will be the only Bill the Committee deals with before end of March 2001. Subsequent legislation will probably come before the Committee between April and September 2001.

2. The Disaster Management Bill will be reviewed by the Committee in April 2001.

3. The Property Rating Bill reach Parliament in August 2001. Nedlac will review it before it is tabled in Parliament.

4. There will be a repeal of outdated local government legislation in August 2001.

5. The Remuneration of Public Office Bearers Amendment Bill will come before the Committee in April 2001.

The Chairperson noted that no dates have been set for the Volkstaat Bill and the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural Communities Bill though he anticipates they will come before the Committee in April 2001.

He said that legislation from the White Paper process on traditional leadership is anticipated in the latter half of 2001.

Ms G Borman (DP) inquired about the Municipal Finance Bill and was concerned that it had not been mentioned as part of the legislative programme.

The Chairperson replied that the Bill would not be covered in the first quarter and that the Committee would deal with it later in the year.

Mr G Grobler (DP) mentioned the importance of making provincial visits to different municipalities, especially those that are having serious problems with administration.

Ms S Rajbally (MF) agreed, saying it is important to know what is happening at grassroots level.

Mr P Smith (IFP) asked whether provincial visits mean visiting provincial administration or local governments. Does this refer to local government only?

The Chairperson replied this refers to local government. He suggested that these visits take place early in May. All Members agreed.

The meeting was adjourned.


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