Department of Community Safety & Western Cape Liquor Authority: adoption of reports

Police Oversight, Community Safety and Cultural Affairs (WCPP)

22 October 2019
Chairperson: Mr R Allen (DA)
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Meeting Summary

2018/19 Annual Reports

The Committee met to consider and adopt outstanding minutes and a Committee report. Committee minutes dated 1 October and 11 October 2019 were adopted with amendments.

The Committee Report dated 11 October 2019 was adopted with amendments following brief discussion on a resolution taken by the Committee.  

There was brief discussion on the Committee programme in the West Coast.

Meeting report

The Chairperson opened the meeting and greeted everyone in attendance, asking that Members present introduce themselves for the record. He then proceeded to ask Members to turn their attention to the adoption of the minutes.

Committee Minutes dated 1 October 2019

The Committee went through the minutespage by page to make corrections and amendments.

Ms R Windvogel (ANC) raised that her initial in the minutes needed to be corrected from A to R.

This correction was noted by the Committee and there were no further corrections to be made to the minutes.  

Committee Minutes dated 1 October 2019 was adopted with amendments. 

Committee Minutes dated 11 October 2019

The Chairperson requested that Members go through the minutes page by page and make corrections as they go along.

On page one, the amendment made was for Ms Windvogel’s initial again to be changed from A to R.

Ms L Botha (DA) asked a question in light of what Mr F Christians (ACDP) had proposed in an earlier meeting that considering the Chairpersons name appears for both Committees, would the Committee then take out the cultural amendments.

The Chairperson confirmed this.

Committee Minutes dated 11 October 2019 was adopted with amendments. 

Committee Report dated 11 October 2019

The Committee went through the Report page by page.

Making a comment on page two, the Chairperson asked Members to confirm the resolution Members took at the meeting.

Mr Christians responded by saying the resolution is based on a programme from the minutes dated 1 October 2019. It was a draft programme that will involve further engagements with the Provincial Commissioner which pertains to working with the provincial management of Community Safety in the Western Cape in accordance with the 1982 Act.

He also said that the question about taking a decision about the Metro Police Head connects to the engagements with the Provincial Police Commissioner on the same matter. So with the Chairpersons permission, Mr Christians asked to include the Metro Head item to the programme of the Commissioner.

The Chairperson said it can only be done if Members are okay with it being done that way.

Ms Botha made comments based on page four of the report. Under point 4.2 “a list of the persons on the liquor license tribunal as well as those serving on the section 22 Committee” and under point 4.3 she said “The Western Cape liquor authority for the year under review”.

The Committee Report was adopted with amendments.

Other business

Ms Botha noticed that the PMP schedule that Members had received, with the dates for the West at PPC De Hoek, coincided with the by-elections on the West Coast. She wanted to bring this to the attention of the Chairperson.

The Chairperson said that dates were yet to be finalised and once he had finalised dates he would revert to the Committee with the confirmed information.

He further went on to confirm that based on the direction by Members in the last meeting, to consult on the steps moving forward, he had done so and would be able to confirm dates in the upcoming weeks and that he would keep Members posted.

The Chairperson also confirmed that he spoke to a member in the office of the Station Commander and the Cluster Commander and that they were very keen to see how they can accommodate the Committee. The Chairperson knew it is going to be very tricky but dates will be confirmed.

A Member asked if they would be sleeping over as it is an evening meeting.

The Chairperson said that they were looking at all of those details and by Friday he would be able to confirm.

The meeting was adjourned.


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