Basic Education Budget: Committee Report

Basic Education

12 July 2019
Chairperson: Ms B Mbinqo-Gigaba (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

The Draft Report of the Portfolio Committee on Basic Education on Budget Vote 14 was adopted with no corrections.

The Minutes of 9 July 2019 were adopted.

The Committee Members endeavoured to meet at 18:30pm, 16 July 2019 for a National Assembly debate. It was noted that there were only five weeks left for the term and so a schedule will be specified for future meetings.

Meeting report

The Chairperson welcomed all present and a new Member of Parliament Mr C Sibisi (NFP). The Chairperson acknowledged apologies from the absent Ms N Tarabella-Marchesi (DA), Ms D Van Der Walt (DA) and Ms N Mashabela (EFF).

Draft Report of the Portfolio Committee on Basic Education on Budget Vote 14.

The Chairperson provided a brief overview of the Draft Report. According to the Chairperson, the Draft Report appeared detailed and satisfactory.

Draft Report: Budget Vote 14: Basic Education agenda was as follows:

1. Introduction

2. Overview of the Annual Performance Plan (APP) for 2019/20

3. DBE Programme Performance

4. Overview of the MTEF 2019 Budget

5. Committee Observations and Deliberations

6. Responses from the Department of Basic Education

7. Portfolio Committee Recommendations

8. Conclusions

The Chairperson facilitated the opportunity for any corrections to the Draft Report. No corrections were suggested or made.

Mr E Siwela (ANC) said that he generally agreed with the contents of the Draft Report.

With the absence of corrections, the Committee moved to adopt its Report on Budget Vote 14: Basic Education.

Ms King commented that although she agreed with the contents thereof, at the moment she reserved her party’s right to steer clear of completely approving the Draft Report for now, but said that confirmation would be provided when her party met in Parliament next week

Committee Minutes

The Chairperson referred to the minutes of the meeting held on July 9th 2019 and provided a brief overview thereof. She facilitated the opportunity for any corrections, but no corrections were suggested.

The Minutes of 9 July 2019 were adopted.


With regard to the Draft Report,.

The Members expressed their hope to meet at 18:30pm next week Tuesday (16 July) for a debate at the National Assembly.

The Chairperson and Committee Secretary Mr L Brown discussed the agenda for the next few weeks. Noting that there are only five weeks (five Tuesdays) left to meet for the term. The agenda for the next few weeks would be specified, and it was decided that Members would not meet next week Tuesday to allow time to prepare for presentations, and to focus on the National Assembly debate at 18:30pm 16th July.

The meeting was adjourned.



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