Election of Chairperson

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Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs

02 July 2019
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Meeting Summary

The Committee met to elect its Chairperson. Two Members were nominated - Ms F Muthambi (ANC) and Mr H Hoosen (DA). As per the National Assembly Rules, when more than one Member is nominated, the decision comes down to vote by show of hands. On this basis, Ms Muthambi was voted for by the majority and declared Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs.


Meeting report

Election of Chairperson

The Committee Secretary welcomed all Members to the meeting. She said the purpose of the meeting was to elect the Chairperson of the Committee.

Mr H Hoosen (DA) asked for clarity on the Rules governing the election process.  If there is any objection to the nomination of an individual, what actions would be taken?

The Committee Secretary responded that if there is an objection raised against a nominated member, the matter must be taken to the Speaker’s Office after the election process.

Mr Hoosen wanted to know the exact parameters and guidelines that should be followed if there are concerns regarding suitability of the nominated individual prior to being elected.

Mr B Hadebe (ANC) suggested the Committee proceed with the election process. All Members were already declared suitable to occupy any position when they were sworn into Parliament by the Chief Justice.

The Committee Secretary asked Members to make their nominations for Chairperson of the Committee.

The ANC Members nominated Ms F Muthambi (ANC).  

The DA Members nominated Mr Hoosen.

The decision came down to a vote by show of hands. Five Members voted in favour of Ms Muthambi while two Members voted in favour of Mr Hoosen.

By way of vote and based off of the majority of hands, Ms Muthambi was duly declared Chairperson of the Committee and invited to take the Chairperson’s seat.

The Chairperson expressed her appreciation for the opportunity to chair the Committee. She promised that she would do her best in ensuring the Committee operates effectively.

The Chairperson announced the Committee would meet again later in the afternoon.   

The meeting was adjourned.  



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