Election of Chairperson

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Meeting Summary

The Committee met for the election of its Chairperson. Ms R Semenya (ANC) was nominated without any opposing nominations. Ms Semenya accepted the nomination and was declared Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation.

The Committee then adopted its draft Committee Programme for the term.

Meeting report

Election of Chairperson

Ms Kholiswa Pasiya-Mndende, Committee Secretary, welcomed all present in the meeting. She said the purpose of the meeting is to elect a Chairperson in terms of Rule 158 of the National Assembly which provides that the Committee needs to elect one of its Members to be the Chairperson of the Committee. The process will be as follows: the Secretary will ask for a nomination from one Member and then another Member will second that nomination.

Ms G Tseke (ANC) said that before the election of the Chairperson, she would request that everybody introduce themselves since they are all new to the Committee.

All Members of the Committee including the support staff and everyone attending the meeting introduced themselves.

Mr M Mashego (ANC) nominated Ms R Semenya (ANC) as Chairperson of the Committee.

Ms Tseke seconded the nomination of Ms Semenya as the Chairperson of the Committee.

There were no objections on the nomination of Ms Semenya as the Chairperson of the Committee.

The Committee elected Ms Semenya as the Committee Chairperson.

Chairperson Remarks

The newly elected Chairperson thanked all Members for electing her and having confidence in her. She hoped all Members will all work together for the betterment of service delivery to the people of South Africa.

Ms L Arries (EFF) congratulated the new Chairperson and promised to work together with the Chairperson for the next five years of the duration of the Committee.

Mr L Basson (DA) also congratulated the new Chairperson for her nomination.

Ms T Marawu (ATM) also promised to work together with the Chairperson and congratulated her for her nomination.

Mr X Ngwezi (IFP) congratulated the new Chairperson noting that he will work together with the Chairperson and criticise her if needs be.

Mr S August (GOOD) also congratulated Ms Semenya for her appointment and promised to work with her in all matters pertaining to the Committee and its oversight work over the Department.

Mr Mashego said on behalf of the ANC, they are confident the new Chairperson will carry out the mandate of the Committee with due diligence because it is important that the Committee does its oversight over the Department so that service delivery to the people of the country is realised.

The Chairperson thanked all Members for their words of encouragement. She asked the Committee Secretary to briefly go through the Committee Programme

Committee Programme

Ms Pasiya-Mndende briefed the Committee as follows:

On 03 July 2019, the Department of Human Settlements will brief the Committee on its 2019/20 Annual Performance Plan (APP) from 09:00 to 14:00. From 14:00 to 16:30, the Department of Water and Sanitation will brief the Committee on its 2019/20 APP.

On 05 July 2019, the Support Staff will brief the Committee on the Legacy Reports. There will also be presentations from the Department of Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation on Budget Votes 36, Strategic Plans and 2019/20 Annual Performance Plans 2019/20 of the entities.

Ms Pasiye-Mndende said further communication with regard to changes of the Committee Programme will be sent to Members via email.

The Chairperson thanked the Committee Secretary for the information.

Ms Tseke moved for adoption of the programme.

Mr Mashego seconded the motion.

The Committee Programme was adopted.

The Chairperson thanked Members and the support staff for their inputs.

The meeting was adjourned.








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