Election of Chairperson

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02 July 2019
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Meeting Summary

The Committee convened to elect its Chairperson. Mr H Papo (ANC) was nominated unopposed. He accepted the nomination as Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Communications 

The Committee then considered and adopted its draft programme for the term. 


Meeting report

Election of Chairperson
Mr Thembinkosi Ngoma, Committee Secretary, welcomed everyone present and submitted the agenda to all Members. The meeting was called in terms of the National Assembly Rules regarding the election of the Committee Chairperson. Members were to state their full names when nominating a Member as well as of that of the person they are nominating.

The Committee Secretary called for nominations.

Nomination of Chairperson
Ms N Kubheka (ANC) nominated Mr H Papo (ANC) as the Chairperson, and Mr L Molala (ANC) seconded the nomination.

There were no further nominations.

Mr Papo accepted the nomination as Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Communications.

Chairperson’s remarks
The Chairperson thanked Members for the election and stated that the Committee was already behind with its work due to the election recess. Hopefully, Members would avail themselves to ensure the work of the Committee scheduled for the month of July was completed.

Consideration and adoption of the Draft Committee Programme
The Chairperson emphasised it was important for the Committee to ensure it adhered to the programme and adopt the budget by the end of July.

Ms P Van Damme (DA) said there was a great confusion that needed to be clarified regarding the Department’s entities as some of the entities moved and/or were moving to the Presidency, whilst others were amalgamated. She was uncertain which entities the Committee would work with and it is not clear which entities the Department has kept either. She suggested that perhaps before the Committee adopts the programme, the Secretary could clarify which entities were still within the ambit of the Department.

Mr C Mackenzie (DA) said the process of merging departments has been happening for quite some time - he suggested the Department should perhaps look into submitting some form of report that provides some clarification on the entities that were still within the Department and entities that have moved or been amalgamated.  

Mr Molala suggested the Committee could still adopt the programme and deal with these matters or the report on the entities later.

The programme was adopted with the amendment of including the date of the budget debate.

The meeting was adjourned.


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