Committee Programme 2001

Sports, Arts and Culture

13 February 2001
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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report

Committee Programme 2001

13 February 2001

Chairperson: Ms Ruth Bhengu

Document handed out:
Draft committee programme 2001

The draft committee programme was adopted. In anddition the committee will attend the launch of the President's Cup on the 28 February and USSASA's National Development Conference on School Sport on 16 - 18 March 2001.

Ms Bengu noted that the committee had received an invitation to attend the launch of the President's Cup on the 28 February. All Portfolio Committee members are expected to attend.

Mr Clelland (DP) asked what is the President's Cup. Ms Bhengu could only say that the Cup was to be launched by President Mbeki. She added that the President had invited all Portfolio Committee members to join the Minister of Sport and Recreation Ngconde Balfour for the launch.

Mr Schoeman asked if, given these invitations, the committee was going to scrap the programme that had just been handed out. Ms Bhengu replied not as long as it does not coincide with the Committee's programme for this quarter.

The Portfolio Committee is invited by USSASA to attend a National Development Conference on School Sport entitled "School Sport as a Vehicle for Sport Development in the Country" on 16 - 18 March 2001.

Mr Clelland (DP) said the previous presentation by SARFU should be compiled and made into one document. What had happened to the Boxing Bill? How much money has been raised for sport development from Uthingo/Lotto?

Ms Bhengu said SARFU is still to make another presentation to the Committee on the 3 April 2001. She had met with the Minister and was told that discussions on the Boxing Bill should resume soon. There is money for sport development from Uthingo, this will be elaborated on by NOCSA in their presentation on the 27 March.

Mr Schoeman said the committee should be informed of study tour programmes to the Provinces months earlier so that they can prepare themselves.

Ms Bhengu (ANC) said this is not the fault of the Portfolio Committee. They plan Provincial tours in time but when the committee wants to put the programme in place, the programme is rejected by the Provinces.

Mr Schoeman (NNP) said there is a request from the NNP that in future, recreation should also be included in Committee discussions.

An ANC Committee member asked the Chairperson that the Committee should be informed of all sport activities, especially bids in international games. He complained that the Committee is only told when everything is finalised.

The Committee welcomed a representative from the Paralympics, Mr Mzondeki, who had joined them for the first time. The Chairperson told the committee that they have been looking forward to having someone from the disabled to be part of their meetings.

The Committee adopted the programme.




20. 02. 01

* Briefing by Minister on 2001 plan
* Briefing by SASC on Poverty Relief Fund
* Presentation by SCORE

27. 02. 01

* Introduction of the Sports Commission Amendment Bill

06. 03. 01

Discussions on the Sports Commission Amendment Bill

13. 03. 01

Discussions on the Sports Commission Amendment Bill

20. 03. 01

Voting on the Sports Commission Amendment Bill

Report of the study tour to Cuba

27. 03. 01

Presentation by NOCSA

03. 04. 01

Presentation by SARFU, a follow up on Vision 2003

10. 04. 01 - 13. 04. 01 Leave Period
16. 04. 01 - 04. 05. 01 Constituency Period


This programme is subject to change


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