Committee Annual Report 2002: adoption

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Meeting Summary

A summary of this committee meeting is not yet available.

Meeting report


27 August 2003

Adv SP Holomisa

Documents handed out:
Committee's Annual Report for 2002
Annexure 1 of Annual Report
Annexure 2 of Annual Report

The Committee's Annual Report for 2002 was to be adopted. This could not be done as there was not a quorum.

Noting that the members had had ample opportunity to read the Committee's Annual Report for 2002, he asked if there were any problems with the document or corrections that needed attention.

Mr M George (ANC) and Mr B Martin (ANC) disagreed with the number of meetings they had attended. Mr Martins later confirmed that he had attended three meetings not one.

Imam G Solomon (ANC) asked that his initials be corrected.

Mr George asked if in instances where meetings had been scheduled and members had showed up, but the meeting did not take place, would these be regarded as meetings?

The Chair said that these instances would not be regarded as meetings.

Ms B Mabandla (ANC) inquired about the role of the Committee as stated in the report.

The Chair explained that the Committee must review the Constitution.

In reply to Mr George asking for clarity regarding the quorum for a meeting, the Chair said twenty members were required.

The Chair said that it appeared that the Committee was satisfied with the report. However he pointed out that there were not enough members for a quorum.

The Chair agreed to Ms Mabandla's suggestion that he inform party leaders of the poor attendance of these committee meetings.

Ms Mabandla then proposed that the Committee's Annual Report not be adopted, but that it be mentioned that it could not be adopted due to the absence of a quorum.

Ms M Smuts (DA) seconded this.

The meeting was adjourned.


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