Committee Reports on Free State oversight & Smart Procurement World Indaba

Standing Committee on Appropriations

17 October 2018
Chairperson: Ms Yvonne Phosa (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

The Committee convened to consider the reports on its oversight visit to the Free State, and the 12th Annual Smart Procurement World Indaba. Both reports were adopted.

Minutes from 9 and 10 October were considered and adopted.

Meeting report

The Chairperson said the Committee would consider the report of its oversight to the Free State, and the Annual Smart Procurement World Indaba report.

A Member said that on the third bullet on page seven, the word “urgent” should be changed.

The Chairperson said the report had too many abbreviations.

A Member said that on page 11, the last sentence could omitted, and that on page 13, the third paragraph from the top should be the point of departure.

The Chairperson said that the recommendations were very important and should be prioritised.

Mr B Martins (ANC) said that 7.4.1 was cumbersome and should read as ‘The bucket eradication programme be entrenched in annual performance plans of all water and sanitation stakeholders.”

The Chairperson added that the stakeholders should be listed.

Mr A McLoughlin (DA) said that the departments got a lot of recommendations from the Committee, but there was no assurance that they actually implemented them. The Committee had to intensify its monitoring.

Mr Martins said that it was the responsibility of the Committee to schedule follow ups to see if the departments actually implemented the recommendations. Further, the Auditor General’s (AG’s) office was due to check the progress of the bucket system eradication in the Free State, yet the government had said that the eradication of the bucket system programme was a national programme, so the emphasis should not only be on the Free State. The government had also issued a specific timeframe for this.

The Chairperson requested the researchers to find out what the specific time frame was.

A Member said that there should be two sessions per year to sit and reflect on progress made.

The Chairperson said that resolution tracking should be done quarterly. All Members agreed to this.

The report was approved with amendments.

Annual SMART Procurement World Indaba report

The Chairperson said that the report was shorter than the first one because it did not have any recommendations. It should be tabled as a way of accounting.

The Committee went through the report page by page and made no amendments.

The report was approved with no changes.

Adoption of minutes

The minutes of 9 October were adopted with no amendments.

The Chairperson said that the Committee should go through the minutes of 10 October page by page.

A Member said that there should be fast tracking of the signing of the Auditor General’s (AG’s) amendment Bill.

The Chairperson said that fast tracking of the process of the promulgation of the Act should be added. She added that research should be done on all the overseas trips of all the departments, including Parliament. She commented that when she had participated in the budget council, an allocation for sanitary towels had been made for the Women’s Ministry, but the majority had agreed that that allocation had to be redirected to schools because a lack of sanitary towels increased the chances of learners dropping out.

The meeting was adjourned.


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