Programme on Values: briefing

Basic Education

06 August 2003
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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report

Portfolio Committee on Education

6 August 2003

Ms Gugu Nxumalo, DoE Chief Director of Special Programmes
Ms Palesa Tyobeka, DoE Acting Deputy Director of Quality Promotion and Development

Documents handed out:
Programme on Values 2003-2005 (PowerPoint presentation)

Chairperson: Prof S Mayatula (ANC)

The Department of Education briefed members on the department's Programme on Values for schools. The programme consists of four themes: 'The first decade of freedom'; 'Pride in our heritage and respect for values and symbols'; 'Unity in Diversity', and 'Pride in being African'.

Ms Nxumalo and Ms Tyobeka delivered a presentation to the committee.

Mr Vadi (ANC) stated that a recent schools tour did not reveal that these programmes were alive. He enquired whether the promised history conference for teachers would still be taking place as part of the SA History Project (SAHP) and stressed its importance. He also said that he had yet to see a popular history of the important role of student/youth movements in South Africa.

Mr Komphela (ANC) added that their experience on the educational tour was not a reflection of the programme. He added that perhaps members could help by distributing flags.

Mr Moonsamy (ANC) felt that schools should spend more time on history than on religion. He also proposed an audit for schools to make sure each had a coat of arms and a flag.

Ms Tyobeka stressed that these programmes were alive. She added that the biggest challenge was to sustain momentum and they had definitely not done enough yet. She also stated that in some provinces control was lacking and therefore sometimes teachers took flags home.

Ms Nxumalo acknowledged the slowness of the SA History Project programme and that certain aspects of the SAHP had thus been co-opted into the values programme.

Mr Botha (DP) enquired where discipline in schools fitted into the Directorate's responsibilities.

Mr Vadi stressed that they needed to look after core self-esteem values like abstaining from narcotic use.

Ms Dudley (ACDP) agreed that they needed to focus on the traditional values like honesty and hard work ethic.

Ms Nxumalo replied that the Proudly South African Schools project addressed and catered for disciplinary values like respect and honesty.

Prof Mayatula asked whether the Advanced Certificate for teachers is happening now.

Ms Tyobeka replied that the one-year course is currently being taught at six universities.

The chairperson adjourned the meeting.


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