Summary of Submissions; Sub-Committee Report; Constitutional Literacy Campaign; Draft Programme: discussion

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Meeting Summary

A summary of this committee meeting is not yet available.

Meeting report


5 February 2003


Chairperson: Adv. S P Holomisa

These minutes were prepared by the Committee Secretary: Ernest Kgopa

Attendance Register
There was a concern about the poor attendance by the members of the Committee. The Chairperson pointed out that some of the members are Ministers, Deputy Ministers and Chairpersons of other committees hence the poor attendance. Mr. Jeffrey suggested that the Committee should request for a permanent slot from the programming committee and for meetings of Constitutional Review Committee to be reflected in the Parliamentary Programme.
This was agreed to.

The Chairperson suggested that in the attendance register of the report the dates of the meetings should be indicated.
This was agreed to.

Summary of Submissions Annexure A
Ms Smuts suggested that in the summary of submissions document, attached as annexure A, the secretariat should indicate the total number of submissions received as well as the number of submissions received for each item.
This was agreed to.

Report of the Sub Committee - Annexure B
Mr. Jeffrey suggested that annexure B be removed from the report to Parliament because it is a Sub Committee report to the Constitutional Review Committee.
Ms Botha suggested that if there are submissions that propose the constitution to be reviewed and the Committee after consideration recommends the review, the committee should forward its recommendations to Parliament for the facilitation of such review. This was agreed to.

When it considered submission No.7 Right to life and death penalty, the committee rejected the proposed amendment with the NNP and IFP registering their support.

With regard to the submissions made, the JCRC accepted all the sub committee's recommendations. It went on to consider other submissions in respect of which no recommendations were made and to reject the proposals as they do not require constitutional amendments.

Constitutional Literacy Campaign
The committee felt that it would be useful for it to invite those institutions that it has written to, to come and inform it of the programmes they have in place towards Constitutional Literacy. The committee debated the issue of invitation whether it should be done through the authorities of Parliament or the Committee should do it itself. Mr. George suggested that the Sub committee should take decision on this matter.
The Committee resolved to have consultative meetings with these bodies to discuss ways of improving public awareness of the Constitution.

Draft programme 2003.
The committee considered the programme and proposed amendments to it.

Ms Botha suggested the Chairperson should invite the legal advisor to attend the meetings of this committee. The Chairperson requested the Secretariat to invite the researcher to the meetings.

Meeting was adjourned.


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