Business Plan: adoption

NCOP Public Services

21 May 2003
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Meeting Summary

A summary of this committee meeting is not yet available.

Meeting report

Select Committee on Public Services

21 May 2003

Acting Chairperson:
Mr V Windvoel (ANC) [Mpumalanga]

Document handed out

Business Plan for 2003 [document available here 9 July 2003]

Before adopting the Business Plan, Members effected certain amendments to the document and dealt with administrative issues.

Mr Windvoel had been elected as the Acting Chairperson because the Chairperson is on study leave

Business Plan
Mr M Sulliman (ANC) [Northern Cape] stated that the framework programme for the rest of the year for Parliament might change because there is talk of only having three terms this year. This would impact on the Committee's schedule for the year.

It was agreed that the Committee should just plan according to the current system and should not worry about the perceived changes to Parliament's working calendar.

A Member suggested that the Committee host a workshop similar to the Chairperson's workshop held by the NCOP, but this workshop should be tailored to this Committee. Furthermore, the same facilitators that were involved in the Chairpersons workshop should also conduct this proposed workshop. The intergovernmental fiscal review is a NCOP process and they were supposed to engage the document and wanted to know what the Committee will do about the document?

A member suggested that could get hold of the document and address some of the issues in debates.

The Acting Chair proposed that the Committee could have public hearings, but it would not be possible to draw in MEC's. Furthermore, MEC's and Chairpersons do not always attend budget votes.

Mr N Raju (DA) [Kwazulu-Natal] added that the Committee should meet with MEC's in order to better represent the interests of the provinces.

Mr Sulliman stated that it was not however compulsory for MEC's to come to Committees. The Committee could invite the Head of Department (HOD) instead. MEC's are accountable to their legislatures and not to the Parliamentary Committee.

Dr P Nel (NNP) [Free State] stated that they the Committee is currently receiving the MEC's and HOD's intergovernmental and budget reviews, but after the budget speech these will not serve any purpose.

Dr D Conroy (NNP) [Gauteng] concurred that it was a good idea for the MEC's and HOD's to come to the Committee. He added however that to try to get all nine MEC's to come to the Committee at this late stage will be impossible. He proposed that the Committee's programmes should be drawn up earlier in the year in order to avoid this type of last minute planning.

The meeting was adjourned.


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