Parliamentary Programme Framework for 2018; Arrangements for SONA

Joint Rules

15 February 2018
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Meeting Summary


Chairpersons:                                                                         Committee Secretaries:

Ms B Mbete: Speaker of the NA                                                          Andrew Mbanga (2623

Ms T R Modise: Chairperson of the NCOP                                           Jeremy Michaels (3245


Thursday, 15 February 2018 at 08:35





Mbete, B (Speaker)


Modise, T R (Chairperson)


National Assembly

National Council of Provinces

Bhengu, F

Dikgale, M C

Boroto, M G (House Chairperson)

Gaehler, L B

Frolick, C T (House Chairperson)

Khawula, M

Khubisa, Prof N M

Labuschagne, C 

Koornhof, Dr G W

Mampuru, T K

Kwankwa, N L S

Moshodi, M L

Mazzone, N W A

Ncitha, Z

Mente, N V  

Nthebe, B G

Mthembu, M J (Chief Whip of the Majority Party)

Nyambi, A J (House Chairperson)

Ntshayisa, L M

Parkies, J P

Singh, N


Tsenoli, S L (Deputy President)


Waters, M 



Staff in attendance:

P N Tyawa (Acting Secretary to Parliament), Adv. M E Phindela (NCOP), M Xaso (Secretary to the NA), N Bell (CLSO), S Tshabalala (Committee Section), SALGA and Provincial Liaison Officers.



  1. Opening and welcome


The Chairperson of the NCOP declared the meeting open and welcomed all present. 



  1. Apologies


Apologies were tendered on behalf of Ms A T Didiza (House Chairperson), Ms D E Dlakude(Deputy Chief Whip of the Majority Party), Mr J R Tau (Deputy Chairperson – NCOP), Mr J H Steenhuisen (Chief Whip of the Opposition), Ms T Mokwele, Messrs N F Shivambu and N L S Kwankwa.


  1. Consideration of agenda


The agenda, as proposed, was adopted.



  1. Consideration of Parliamentary Programme Framework for 2018


The Chief Whip of the Majority Party proposed that in view of the resignation of the President of the Republic the previous night:

  • the President’s State-of-the-nation Address (SONA) be scheduled for Friday, 16 February at 19:00;
  • the debate on the President’s Address in the form of a joint sitting be scheduled for 19 February; and that
  • the reply to the debate by the President be scheduled for 20 February at 14:00. 


It was AGREED that the Parliamentary Programme Framework would be amended to reflect that SONA was scheduled for 16 February, the debate on the President’s Address was scheduled for 19 February, and the reply by the President on 20 February.


Arrangements for SONA

The Acting-Secretary to Parliament informed the meeting that sms messages had been sent to all the guests invited and that a reconciliation of all issued invitations would be made that morning.  She further indicated that a search park had been erected nearer Parliament and all the accreditation previously issued would be validated.  The guest relations team had resumed with their work the previous day and that a stakeholder meeting would be held that morning.  She added that liaison with parties had been activated.  Mr Singh suggested that there should be provision for new guests, as other guests initially invited from abroad would no longer be able to come.  The Acting-Secretary to Parliament also indicated that a communique would be issued to all parties in that regard.



5.       Closure


The Chief Whip of the Majority Party advised members of the NA Programme Committee that the Chief Justice had advised that he was available to preside on the election of a new President that afternoon. As a result, the plenary provisionally scheduled for Friday, 16 February for that purpose, had been brought forward to 14:00 that day.  This change effectively meant that the item on the motion of no confidence in the President as initially scheduled would fall away.


The meeting adjourned at 08:45.






_________________________                                        ___________________________

B MBETE, MP                                                              T R MODISE, MP

SPEAKER OF THE NA                                                 CHAIRPERSON OF THE



Meeting report

Minutes for this committee meeting are not yet available.


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