Marine Living Resources Amendment Bill: voting


13 October 2000
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Meeting report

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13 October 2000

Documents handed out:

The Portfolio Committee on Environmental Affairs and Tourism met and voted on the Marine Living Resources Amendment Bill. The amendment to the Marine Living Resources Act, 1998 will "permit the extension of certain rights to undertake commercial or subsistence fishing, engage in mariculture or operate a fish-processing establishment; and to provide for matters connected therewith."

The Select Committee on Land and Environmental Affairs (NCOP) were briefed and sent to the provinces to receive their mandates.

The Bill has been fast tracked and will come before Parliament prior to the end of the current session.

Present from the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism were Mr. H Kleinschmidt, Dr. Mayekiso and Mr. Fredericks (State Law Advisor). They proposed the following amendment to the Marine Living Resources Act of 1998.

"Amendment of Section 18 of Act 18 of 1998
Section 18 of the Marine Living Resources Act, 1998, is hereby amended by the insertion after subsection (6) of the following subsection:
"(6A)(a) If the Minister has granted a right contemplated in subsection (6) to a person for a period not exceeding three years, the Minister may once only, at the expiration of such period, extend the period of validity of the right for a further period not exceeding two years on such terms and conditions as he or she may impose.
(b) The Minister may extend the period of validity of the right in whole or in part, but must have regard to any change in the total allowable catch, the total applied effort determined in terms of section 14 or to both such change and effort."

Short Title
This Act is called the Marine Living Resources Amendment Act, 2000 and must be deemed to have taken effect on 30 May 2000."

The Department explained that the Bill must be passed retroactively so as to ensure that expired permits are not extended.

The Bill was unanimously approved by the Committee.

The Chair of the Select Committee, Reverend P Moatshe (ANC) then asked his members to take this Bill back to their provinces for mandates. The meeting was adjourned.

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