Committee minutes

Constitutional Review Committee

14 September 2017
Chairperson: Mr P Nzimande (ANC, KwaZulu Natal)
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Meeting Summary

The Committee adopted all the outstanding minutes.

Meeting report

Opening remarks

The Chairperson welcomed all in attendance.

Apologies were received from Mr S Mncwabe (NFP), Mr J Selfe (DA), Adv G Breytenbach (DA), and Mr P Mabe (ANC).

Adoption of Outstanding Minutes

Minutes dated 25 November 2016

The minutes were adopted without any changes. Mr S Swart (ACDP) adopted the minutes and the entire Committee was in agreement and seconded.

Minutes dated 03 February 2017

Mr D Ximbi (ANC, Western Cape) said that his designation was an NCOP member and not National Assembly (NA) as the minutes indicated.

Mr L Magwebu (DA, Eastern Cape) said that he had submitted an apology for not attending that meeting but it was not reflected in the minutes.

The Chairperson said that the apologies would be added in the minutes.

Ms M Pilane-Majake (ANC) said that he she had also submitted an apology but it was not reflected in the minutes.

The Chairperson said her apology would be added.

Mr T Motlashuping (ANC, North West) adopted the minutes. Mr Ximbi seconded.

The minutes were approved those minor changes

Minutes dated 10 March 2017

Mr Swart adopted the minutes with amendments to paragraph 2 on page 5 that the ACDP was not in agreement with.

Mr F Beukman (ANC) seconded the adoption.

Minutes dated 21 June 2017

Ms T Mampuru (ANC, Limpopo) said that the minutes reflected that she was a NA member, instead of NCOP.

Mr Motlashuping adopted the minutes with amendments. Ms Mampuru seconded.

The minutes were approved with this minor change.

Minutes dated 01 September 2017

Ms Mampuru said that she was captured as a NA member instead of NCOP.

The Committee adopted the minutes, and the agenda for the meeting.

Meeting adjourned.


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