Committee Report on Basic Education Budget

Basic Education

17 May 2017
Chairperson: Ms N Gina (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

The Portfolio Committee on Basic Education convened for consideration of their draft report on Budget Vote 14: Basic Education, together with the Annual Performance Plans of the Department of Basic Education and its Statutory Bodies dated 3 May 2017.

Meeting report

The Chairperson welcomed attendees and noted that the Report on Budget Vote 14: Basic Education would be revised page by page, of which Members of Parliament were expected to indicate if there were corrections that they had wanted to make.


Ms N Mokoto (ANC) requested a grammatical change on page 1.


Mr G Davis (DA) noted that Dr Loock was not present, contrary to the stipulated attendance register on page 2, and indicated spelling errors also on page 2.


Ms J Basson (ANC) indicated a spelling error on page 4, viz. APP and not NDP.


The Chairperson asked if capitals were necessary as frequently cited in the draft report. Inasmuch as a capital ‘P’ was used in the title of ‘Principal’ pertaining to someone’s name, however it was not necessary to use capitals when collectively addressing a group or community of principals.


Mr Davis indicated an omission of the word “is” on page 12.


Mr Davis noted that The Continuing Professional Teacher Development (CPTD) Management System should be altered to ‘Continuous’ on page 21.


Mr D Mnguni (ANC) responded that CPTD was indeed Continuing and not Continuous on page 21.


The Chairperson asked the researchers present to verify if the name of Programme 3 had changed from Continuous to Continuing on page 21.


Mr Davis noted repetitions of explanation by the Auditor- General’s findings of R44 million fruitless and wasteful expenditure about the Kha Ri Gude Programme enlisted under both Programme 1 on page 31 and Programme 2 on page 32; requested the deletion of a repeated word on page 31; noted that the font size had altered at the bottom of page 33, and enlisted grammatical errors of page 35, such as binding of “struck” and “off” by means of a dash that did not belong between it.


Ms Basson referred to the dictionary to note that the dash may serve a purpose to reflect it as a verb on page 35.


Mr Mnguni asked what the difference was?


Mr L Ntshayisa (AIC) replied that if a preposition applied then no dash would be necessary.


Mr Davis noted that Umalusi was indeed considering the utilisation of Anchor Items, as opposed to the negative phrase that implies the opposite on page 36.


The Chairperson confirmed that the word “not” was to be removed on page 36.


Ms Mokoto questioned the use of capitals.


Ms Basson noted the omission of “Performance” in APP on page 37.

Ms N Tarabella Marchesi (DA) noted the inconsistencies between full name stipulations and the usage of just its acronym on page 19. In politics, at first a name would be fully cited with its acronym in brackets, after which the acronym was just consistently used as reference.

The Chairperson noted that bullet 4 should capture the essence of the hardship of the learners to provoke a sense of urgency on page 37, but it had faltered to do so.

Ms Basson agreed that the paragraph was much too passive.


Mr Davis paraphrased the bullet to read as follows: “ensure that no child has to walk long distances to school and that transport shall be provided for them” on page 37.


The Chairperson requested if the Committee was satisfied with the draft report and asked for any mover?


The report was adopted with amendments.



Committee business
The Chairperson informed the Committee that next Tuesday, 23 May 2017, it wouldl convene with the Department of Transport (DoT).


The meeting was adjourned. 

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