National Lotteries Commission Chairperson appointment: interviews

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Trade, Industry and Competition

12 May 2017
Chairperson: Ms J Fubbs (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

The Portfolio Committee on Trade and Industry interviewed 3 candidates for the appointment of the Chairperson of the NLC.

The Committee interviewed the following candidates:

  1. Mr William Huma                                
  2. Mr Abel Mawela                                                  
  3. Mr Alfred Nevhutanda                                 

Meeting report

Opening Remarks
The Chairperson said that the purpose of the interviews is to have a better understanding of the candidates. Candidates will be asked questions on the following issues: Experience, Governance; Leadership; and Community Development.  The allocated time for candidates to respond to questions is between 30 – 45 minutes.

The following questions were asked to the short-listed candidates:

Candidates were asked about their past experience, what their contribution would be to the Commission, and what in their opinion would be the main criteria for the chairperson of the Commission.

Candidates were asked what they envisaged as the main functions of the NLC

They were asked if there were challenges in the implementation of the legislation and if there are any areas or issues that they may think should be brought to the attention of the Minister.

Candidates were asked what factors they would take into consideration when advising the Minister.

They were asked if governance issues were to arise between the NLC and the distribution agencies, how they would address these challenges.

Candidates were what experience they have in terms of board and at management level.

They were asked to give the exact number of Boards they are currently sitting in, and if they would resign from said positions if appointed.

They were asked how they understood the different roles between the Commission and the Board, and what the relationship is between the Board, the Minister and Parliament

Candidates were asked what their 5 yeas strategic objectives are for the Commission, and what system they will use to achieve those strategic objectives.

They were asked how they would ensure that realistic targets of the Commission are set and the Commissioner’s performance is measured accurately.

They were asked how they would ensure that the discretionary fund is balanced in an equal manner and is utilised in a sustainable manner.

They were asked what strategies the Commission should implement to ensure that funds are disbursed correctly and not misused.

Candidates were asked how they would ensure integrity in the Commission when funds are utilised, how would they ensure that political influence does not affect the distribution of funds, and funds are not given to family and friends.

Candidates were asked to indicate one issue that needs to be improved by the NLC.

Candidates were asked if there is anything they wanted to disclose to the Committee.

The Chairperson thanked all candidates for availing themselves for interviews.

The meeting was adjourned.
Please refer to audio recording for responses.



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