National Youth Development Agency Board: interviews of short-listed candidates

National Youth Development Agency appointments

25 January 2017
Chairperson: Mr M Mapulane (ANC) and Ms G Manopole (Northern Cape, ANC)
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Meeting Summary

The Ad Hoc Joint Committee on the appointment of Board Members to the National Youth Development Agency interviewed 13 candidates who would serve on the NYDA Board. Before this, the Committee briefly discussed concerns raised by the DA about the process and decided on the questions that will be asked to candidates.

The following candidates were interviewed by the Committee:

Morning Session

1.   Mr Sifiso Mtsweni                

2.   Mr Siyaduma Biniza                                                          

3.   Mr Yershen Pillay                                                  

4.   Ms Zandile Majozi                                                            

5.   Mr Kenneth Morolong                                                   

 Afternoon Session                                                  

6.   Mr Sibonga Magadla

7.   Ms Zandile Myeni                                                  

8.   Mr Andile Biyela

9.   Ms Bavelile Hlongwa                                                

10.  Mr Thembinkosi Josophu                                         

11.  Ms Zolondiwe Goge                                                    

12.  Mr Ndumiso Mokako                                                  

13.  Ms Khomotjo Maimela                                               

Meeting report

Opening Remarks

Co-Chairperson Mapulane said that the purpose of the interviews is to have a better understanding of the candidates. Each candidate would be asked 6 questions and each question had been allocated marks that would determine the points gained by each candidate. The allocated time for candidates to respond to questions was between 30 – 45 minutes.

Mr Y Cassim (DA) said that having consulted with his Chief Whip there were 2 matters he would like to place on record before they start with the interviews. The first issue is that the DA will be lodging a complaint against Co-Chairperson Manopole with regard to the manner in which she presided over the meeting yesterday. Secondly, the DA was completely in disagreement with and completely outraged by the manner in which disdain was shown about their constitutional duty and responsibility to be able to communicate to the public and media on their views whether in terms of the interview process or whether the manner in which meetings were being handled.

Co-Chairperson Mapulane said they reflected on the matter and will prepare a report on what transpired yesterday. The complaint of the DA was noted and will be in the report.

The process was as transparent as possible. The meeting was open to the public and the media was also part of this process.

Discussion on questions

The Committee agreed on 6 questions out of 10 prepared by support staff which Members should prioritise and put to the candidates. The questions included issues of good governanve, functions of the NYDA in terms of the NYDA Act, principles governing the NYDA, the mandate of the NYDA, the Integrated Youth Develepoment Policy, etc.

Co-Chairperson Mapulane informed Members that they would deliberate and make their selections the following week.

Mr B Mkongi (ANC) warned that the questions should not go outside until all candidates were interviewed because the Committee needed to score candidates appropriately.

The Chairperson said that the approach should be fair to all the candidates without any prejudice to others and it was important to have consensus in the approach.

The Chairperson requested that all Members should have a copy of the questions that would be posed to the candidates.

Interviews of candidates for the National Youth Development Agency Board

The following candidates were interviewed by the Committee:

Morning Session

1.   Mr Sifiso Mtweni      Response Time: 43:50 – 1:22:11

2.   MSiyaduma Biniza                               1:22:32 – 1: 55:00

3.   Mr Yershen Pillay                                 1:55: 02 – 2:24:19

4.   Ms Zandile Majozi                                 2:25:00 – 2:58:30

5.   Mr Kenny Morolong                               2:58:40 – 3:34:50

Afternoon Session

6.   Mr Sibonga Magadla Response Time: 01 – 47:42

7.   Ms Zandile Myeni                                   47:46 – 1:20:14

8.   Mr Andile Biyela                                    1:20:20 – 1:50:00

9.   Ms Bavilile Hlongwa                              1:50:01 – 2:35:32

10.  Mr Thembinkosi Josophu                      2:35:34 – 3:16:27

11.  Ms Zolondiwe Goge                              3:16:30 – 3:47:00

12.  Mr Ndumiso Mokako                             3:47:01 – 4:27:08

13.  Ms Khomotjo Maimela                           4:27:10 – 5:11:00

The following questions were asked to the short-listed candidates:

Candidates were asked to tell the Committee about themselves, their background and experience.

Candidates were asked to elaborate on the core functions of the NYDA in terms of the NYDA Act.

Candidates were asked what they understand about good governance, what they will contribute to the practice of good governance, and what the principles of good governance were.

They were asked what could be done to effectively communicate the youth development strategy and programmes of the Agency.

They were asked if the NYDA was performing well, what were the constraints in terms of its performance, and how they will improve its performance.

They were asked about the Integrated National Youth Policy and how they would help the Board implement the policy.

Candidates were asked what they could recommend to the public and private institutions to employ young people.

They were asked what could be done to change the negative perception of the NYDA.

The Chairperson thanked all candidates for availing themselves for interviews.

Please refer to audio recording for responses.

The meeting was adjourned.


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