Finalisation of preparations for study tour of municipalities in the Northern Province

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11 April 2003

Mr B J Mkhaliphi (ANC) [Mpumalanga]

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The Committee postponed the study tour to the municipalities in the Limpopo Province until the constituency week or on their return from recess.

The Chair informed the Committee that they were meeting in order to finalise the details for the study tour to Siyancuma, Tsantsabane, and the Ubuntu municipalities in the Limpopo Province. The Committee will visit these municipalities with the aim of investigating the reports of administrative mismanagement and outright corruption.

The study tour should take two days the following week and will begin with a meeting in the office of the MEC followed by a meeting with the members of the Committee of Inquiry. The Committee will proceed to meet with the mayor and councillors as well as managers and deputy managers of the program.

Mr T Ralane (ANC) [Free State] stated that he also wanted local government officials to appear before the Committee for a hearing.

Mr P Maloyi (ANC) [North-West] asked which two days the Committee was scheduled to go. He had some concerns about schedule conflicts, including a scheduled joint meeting on Tuesday regarding the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Report.

The Chair stated that the trip was scheduled for Monday and Tuesday. He was aware of the importance of the TRC, but weighed that against the importance of visiting these municipalities. In the previous meeting, he had noted that Members were concerned about time delays.

Mr Ralane stated that Members must be available to go in order to make the trip effective.

Mr R Nyakane (UDM) [Limpopo] stated that it was imperative for the Committee to go and investigate the problems. He described the messy situation that the municipalities were in and the inability of the local authorities to alleviate the situation.

Kgoshi M Mokoena (ANC) [Limpopo] agreed that the Committee must go. He suggested that the Members commit to going now. It would be embarrassing for only four or five Members to attend.

Ms C Botha (DA) [Free State], Mr P Matthee (NNP) [Kwazulu-Natal], and Ms J Kgoali (ANC) [Gauteng] all indicated that they could not attend.

The Chair informed the Committee that the study tour could not take place with so many Members unavailable. He suggested that the Committee set another date.

Mr Ralane asked if the Committee would be able to go during the constituency week. He was not sure if the Committee was allowed to visit then.

Ms Kgoali stated that the visit should occur during the constituency week or immediately after Members return from recess.

Kgoshi Mokoena was also unsure of the Committee's ability to visit during constituency week. If the Committee was unable to, he stated that the Committee should go immediately upon return from recess.

Mr Ralane and Ms Kgoali agreed that the Committee should try to go during the recess.

Mr Maloyi believed that members would be too busy doing constituency work during the recess to attend. All Members would be available beginning May 12. The visit should commence then.

Ms Kgoali commented that taking two days off from constituency work was not asking a lot.

Kgoshi Mokoena suggested that the Chairperson check if the Committee is permitted to visit during constituency week. If the Committee is allowed to, the Members may then decide. If not, the visit must occur beginning on May 12.

The Committee agreed with the suggestion.

The Chairperson said he would inform the Committee of the response by Monday. He stated that a high attendance would be crucial for a successful visit.

The meeting was adjourned.


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