Committee Report on KwaZulu-Natal oversight visit


30 November 2016
Chairperson: Ms B Ngcobo (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

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Committee Report on KwaZulu-Natal oversight visit [All Committee Reports available under Tabled Committee Reports once published]

The Draft Joint Report of the Portfolio Committees on Arts and Culture, Environmental Affairs and Tourism on the oversight visit to KwaZulu-Natal dated 5 October 2015 was adopted as amended. The EFF reserved its right on the report.
Members suggested that certain recommendations contained in the Draft Report be amended or be beefed up. A major observation of concern made by the Committees was that construction costs at certain sites were far too high.

Outstanding minutes of the Tourism Portfolio Committee were adopted. 

Meeting report

Draft Joint Report of the Portfolio Committees on Arts and Culture, Environmental Affairs and Tourism on the oversight visit to KwaZulu-Natal
A joint meeting consisting of the Portfolio Committees on Arts and Culture, Environmental Affairs and Tourism had been called for the consideration of the Draft Report on the oversight visit to KwaZulu-Natal from 14-18 September 2016.

The Chairperson noted that the Committees had had ample time to peruse the Draft Report and that it needed to be adopted. She placed the Draft Report before the Committees for consideration.

Members, having perused the Draft Report, effected spelling and technical changes where needed.

Mr G Krumbock (DA), referring to page 23, said the Tourism Portfolio Committee had raised issues about construction costs at the site, especially the cost per square metre. The explanation given was that specialised construction was needed. The Committee had not observed any specialised construction that was needed as there were few internal walls to the building and there were no kitchen or bathrooms to be erected that could push up costs. The building would mainly be an exhibition area. Even up until the present, construction costs at the site were rising. He felt the Committees’ concerns ran deeper than what was currently reflected in the Draft Report.

The Chairperson asked Mr Krumbock to come up with a formulation that would reflect the concern of Committees.

Mr S Makhubele (ANC) said that the Committee needed to adopt the Draft Report as things were observed. Progress made could be an addition to the Draft Report.

Mr J Mahlangu (ANC) said the concern by Members was captured correctly. Perhaps if something needed to be added then it could be included in recommendations.

The Chairperson said there was little the Committees could do about it as it was beyond their jurisdiction.

Mr Krumbock heard what members were saying but came up with a formulation, “ The Committees accepted that there were high value items like cladding which added to costs and that the Committees was concerned about the high costs of construction.”

Ms S Xego (ANC) suggested that instead of the use of the term “Committees” in the formulation “Members” should be used.

Mr Krumbock agreed.

The Chairperson said that the formulation sounded more like an observation.

The formulation would be captured in the Draft Report.

Mr T Rawula (ANC) referred to page 29, paragraph 9.2.1, which spoke about the plight of rhinos. Was the issue not more about the security at the area? Maybe more needed to be said about the state of security on the plight of rhinos.

Mr Makhubele said the investigation being done would determine what action would be taken.

Mr Rawula suggested that a commission be established to address the plight of rhinos. Rhino ambassadors were good. The Committees could build on the recommendation so that other institutions could become involved.

The Chairperson pointed out that the recommendation was to the Minister of Environmental Affairs. It was beyond the responsibility of the Committees. It was an issue which the Department of Environmental Affairs and the Minister of Environmental Affairs needed to address. Committees only did oversight.

Ms E Masehela (ANC) agreed that the investigation would lead to other things that needed to be done.

Ms Xego suggested the issue could form part of Members’ debates when the Draft Report was debated.

Mr Mahlangu also referred to page 29, recommendation 9.1.4 and said that he was not happy with the use of the word, “negotiate”. He asked why the Minister had to negotiate for the bridge to be opened. The Minister had to ensure that the bridge was opened.

Mr Makhubele suggested, “The Minister should facilitate discussions.”

Mr Mahlangu emphasised that state resources had been spent and hence government should have the authority to implement its decisions. He suggested a formulation to be included in Recommendation 9.1.4 “The Minister must ensure that the gate was opened.”

The Draft Report was adopted as amended.

Mr Rawula said that the EFF reserved its right over the Draft Report.

The Chairperson stated that political parties should feel free to make declarations on the Draft Report.

Committee Minutes  
The following sets of minutes were considered by the Tourism Portfolio Committee:
2 September 2016 – adopted as amended
9 September 2016 – adopted unamended
14 October 2016 – adopted unamended
19 October 2016 – adopted as amended
21 October 2016 – adopted as amended
28 October 2016 – adopted unamended
4 November 2016 – adopted unamended
11 November 2016 – adopted unamended

The meeting was adjourned.


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