Ad Hoc Committee Programme; Approval of advert: meeting postponed

National Youth Development Agency appointments

08 November 2016
Chairperson: Ms G Mahopole (ANC) and Mr P Mapulane (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

Due to a lack of quorum, it was agreed that the meeting should be postponed until the next day.  Committee members asserted that the staff of the Committee should ensure effective communication with the relevant Committee members in relation to meeting notifications through email, phone call and text messages.

Meeting report

Co-Chairperson Mahopole apologised for the meeting starting late. She explained that she had come from another meeting which she thought would end earlier.

Co-Chairperson Mahopole then asked for apologies from the Committee Secretary.

Mr J Mohapi (ANC) said that he had to request to leave early from his previous meeting and was therefore disappointed that the meeting was starting late. He asked members to respect Committee’s scheduled meeting times.

Ms L Lesoma (ANC) asked if the Committee Secretary could provide guidance as to whether the members of the Committee received the notice for the meeting.

The Committee Secretary replied that the staff had sent the communication to all Committee members on Monday before 3pm.

Mr Mohapi said that it was not enough to say that they had sent an email communication.

Ms D Manana (ANC) said that the email to members should be followed up by phone call to confirm if members have received communication.

Co-Chairperson Mapulane apologised for arriving late and agreed with the members that the manner of communication should change. He was only informed recently about the meeting and did not even know the venue of the meeting. He asserted that this should not be repeated and that the Committee needs to operate in a professional manner. He proposed that the meeting be adjourned and urged the Committee Secretariat to ensure that all members of the Committee are informed of meetings in future.

Co-Chairperson Mahopole said that she was disappointed with the administration of the Committee. This Committee needed to finalise its work by 7 December. If the administradition did not improve, this could be referred to the Secretary to Parliament. She proposed that the meeting be postponed to tomorrow afternoon.

Mr Mohapi advised that the Secretary should also create a system where members of the Committee can be reminded via sms.

Ms Manana said that members of the Committee should be at the meeting prior or exactly at 1pm as per arranagement.

Co Chairperson Mahopole asked members to speak to other members who were not part of the meeting in order for quorum to be met tomorrow.

Meeting was adjourned.



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