Committee Minutes

Small Business Development

26 October 2016
Chairperson: Mr X Mabasa (ANC) (Acting)
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Meeting Summary

The Committee met to consider and adopt all outstanding minutes. Members made minor changes to all 12 documents before adopting them.

Meeting report

Opening Remarks

Mr King Kunene, Committee Secretary, stated that the Chairperson was absent and asked Members to elect an acting Chairperson in order to proceed with the agenda and the business of the day.

The Members voted for Mr X Mabasa (ANC) to chair the committee.

Consideration of outstanding minutes

The Chairperson asked Members to go through the outstanding meetings individually going all the way back to 18 November 2015.

Members went through the following minutes page-by-page: Minutes dated 18 November 2015, 6 April 2016, 7 April 2016, 13 April 2016, 20 April 2016, 25 May 2016, 24 August 2016, 11 October 2016, 12 October 2016, 13 October 2016, 19 October 2016, and 21 October 2016.10.31

No substantive changes relating to the content of the minutes were made. Members only rectified spelling and grammatical errors.

All the minutes were approved with amendments.

The meeting was then adjourned. 


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