Election of Chairperson

Powers and Privileges of Parliament

27 May 2016
Chairperson: Dr M Motshekga (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

The Committee met briefly to elect Dr M Motshekga (ANC) as Chairperson.

Meeting report


Ms Bongi Mongo, Committee Secretary, welcomed everyone. He indicated that the Economic Freedom Fighters had been requested to submit the names of members to represent it on the Committee, but no response had been received to date.

Election of Chairperson

Dr Motshekga was duly elected as the Chairperson of the Committee after being nominated by Mr R Tseli (ANC) and seconded by Ms J Kilian (ANC).


The Chairperson said the task of the Committee was a demonstration of the dynamism of the Constitution. Parliament observed the Constitution and respected the doctrine of the separation of powers, especially the role of the judiciary to review the Powers and Privileges Act in terms of a mandate derived from the Constitution. This had been done in Germany and Canada and was how the Constitution was deepened. He believed it was important to take society on board and recommended that a statement be issued detailing the terms of reference of the Committee and who its members were.

Ms Kilian asked what the specific terms of reference were and how the Committee would be embarking on its task. She asked if Parliamentary privileges as well as the parliamentary precinct as a national key point would be looked at. She asked what the situation was in other countries.

Mr Tseli said the purpose of the meeting was only to elect a chairperson who could then apply his mind on the way forward for the Committee.

The meeting was adjourned.


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