Interview shortlist for Information Regulator Commissioners & SA Human Rights Commissioners

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Justice and Correctional Services

13 April 2016
Chairperson: Mr M Motshekga (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

Names of shortlisted candidates for interview for the positions of two South African Human Rights Commissioners and five Information Regulator Commissioners was proposed. The ominations were unanimously agreed upon by MPs.

Meeting report

The Chairperson noted the vacancy at the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) and five vacancies at the Information Regulator Commission. He proposed that the political parties represented at the meeting make their proposals for nominated candidates for interview for these positions.

Ms C Pilane-Majake (ANC), Committee Whip, said that the Committee had been requested to advertise the two positions of Commissioners in the SAHRC. An advert had been placed in the media and the responses to the advert had been received by the Committee. The closing date for the advert was 15 March 2016. The CVs of those shortlisted had been gathered and presented to the Committee. A shortlist of eight candidates had been compiled for invitation to interview for the two Commissioner positions at the SAHRC. These eight names were read out:
- Rushara Songca
- Andre Gaum
- Lindelwe Mabandla
- Edward Lambani
- Anandray Ramdaw
- Hassen Ebrahim
- Oupa Moshebi
- Kwena Nteswa

Ms M Mothapo (ANC) seconded the list.

Mr W Horn (DA) recalled a position that was advertised in the previous year, where CVs were received. The process was later placed on hold. The Committee was however informed that those CVs would be taken into consideration when shortlisting was to be done for these positions. He wanted to know if those applicants that had submitted their CVs then were still interested, and whether they were taken into consideration.

The Committee Secretary replied that the previous applicants were taken into consideration. However, it was difficult to determine whether the candidates were still interested in the positions advertised.

The Chairperson wanted to know if re-advertisement meant a fresh process altogether, and whether consideration of previous applicants should be a prerequisite.

Mr Horn remarked that the previous applicants should have been informed about the re-advertising of the vacant posts, so that they could re-apply if they were interested.

The Committee Secretary replied that the advert that was sent out informed previous applicants not to re-apply again, as their previous application was sufficient and would be considered.
Mr B Bongo (ANC) proposed the adoption of the shortlisted names for the SAHRC vacancies. He was seconded by Mr M Maila (ANC).

Ms Pilane-Majake said that in terms of Section 41 of the Protection of Personal Information Act of 2013, the regulator consisted of a chairperson and four other persons as ordinary members of the regulator. The process of filling the vacancies had begun. A list of candidates who had applied, along with their CVs, had been sent to all members of the Committee. The ANC had been able to come up with a list of ten candidates, out of which five would fill the vacant positions as required.

The names were:
- Johannes Weapond
- David Taylor
- Lebogang Cordelia Stroom
- Lindelo Snail
- Siyakhula Simelane
- Thav Reddy
- Francis Cronje
- Shamila Singh
- Tana Pistorious
- Pansy Tlakula

Ms Pilane-Majake’s proposal was seconded by Mr Bongo.

The meeting was adjourned.


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