Division of Revenue Bill [B2-2016]: adoption of Committee Report

Standing Committee on Appropriations

15 March 2016
Chairperson: Mr N Gcwabaza (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

The Committee considered and adopted its Report on the Division of Revenue Bill.

Meeting report

Committee Report on the Division of Revenue Bill [B2-2016]
The Committee went through the draft report page by page.

Mr M Figg (DA) asked if it would not be better that the report spoke to the actual economic growth forecast as per the 2015 Medium Term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS). He was recommending that 2% was more realistic than the 2.5% stated in the Committee Report as the actual forecast for 2017 had been 1.7%.

The content advisor agreed that for 2017, 1.7% was indeed the forecast but the Committee Report was encompassing two years. In 2018 the forecast is 2.4%.

Mr McLoughlin was concerned about the Department of Basic Education (DBE) not engaging Equal Education (EE) on matters of basic education. He asked if it was possible for the Committee to propose that DBE work closer with the EE.

The Committee content advisor said normally the Committee would not recommend how departments solve some of the problems identified by the Committee. It was, however, a concern that the Committee could raise with DBE that it would not wish for EE to not be engaging with DBE. The Committee could also alternatively incorporate that concern within its own programme instead of capturing it under the recommendations of the Report as EE had indicated it had not met the Portfolio Committee on Basic Education.

The Committee researcher said that the conclusion paragraph contained the Committee’s recommendations. The responses from the relevant executive authorities to the recommendations of the Committee had to be sent to Parliament within 60 days of adoption of the Committee Report by the National Assembly.

The Chairperson called for adoption of the report.

Ms C Madlopha (ANC) moved for the adoption of the draft report with its accompanying amendments.

Ms M Manana (ANC) seconded the motion to adopt.  

Mr Figg said that the DA reserved its right to adopt the report until it was presented to the National Assembly.

The report of the Standing Committee on Appropriations on the Division of Revenue Bill [B2-2016] was adopted.

Committee programme
Ms Manana proposed that at the Committee’s next meeting, ESKOM and the South African Local Government Association (SALGA) be invited to deal with the issue that had arisen during SALGA’s inputs about the differences it had with ESKOM.

The Committee agreed with the proposal.

Committee minutes
The Committee adopted its minutes of 23 February 2016 with amendments.

During consideration of the minutes, Mr Figg wanted clarity on the statement regarding the Minister of Finance and the expansion of the social wage.

The content advisor replied that the Minister in that statement had been speaking to a social wage in terms of education, health services and provision of basic services.

Mr M Shaik-Emam (NFP) said he was concerned about the spending reduction noted in the minutes as the Minister had spoken about tax increases and spending reductions. His concern was that it did not seem that those issues had been captured properly in the minutes.

Ms Madlopha said that what Mr Shaik-Emam had raised was indeed captured as part of section 2 of the Minister’s presentation within the minutes.

Mr Shaik-Emam said the he had recalled that there had been an amendment to that which was why he had been concerned.

The content advisor said that the Committee seemed to agree in principle therefore his proposal would be to capture the Minister’s exact words on tax increases and spending reductions. He then read what had been presented.

The Committee agreed with that amendment.

The meeting was then adjourned.  


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