Women in the Presidency Budget Review and Recommendations Report

Women, Youth and Persons with Disabilities

28 October 2015
Chairperson: Ms T Memela (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

BRRR 2015-2010: Budgetary Review & Recommendations Reports

The Portfolio Committee on Women in the Presidency considered and adopted the Budget Review and Recommendations Report.

It further adopted three sets of minutes dated the 13, 14 and 20 October 2015.

Meeting report

Budget Review and Recommendations Report

Ms N Tarabella-Marchesi (DA), on page 9, pointed out that the organogram of the Department did not specify coloured employees. It had to be aligned with the Labour Equity Laws.

Ms G Tseke (ANC) suggested that the comment from M Tarabella-Marchesi be included in the action plans.

Ms Tarabella-Marchesi, regarding resignations/dismissals/terminations on page 9, indicated the Committee needed to know the reasons behind those issues and what the Department was doing about them.

The Chairperson stated that the Director General resigned after she/he was found not to have the right qualifications.

Ms Tarabella-Marchesi insisted that the Committee should be given recommendations and suggested the Department should hold exit interviews to find out why people leave.

The Chairperson said when a person assumes the position of a DG, that person tends to, in most cases, employ his or her own people, and when she/he left, some of those people left as well.

Ms Tarabella-Marchesi also indicated the Committee should be given the skills audit report.

Ms P Bhengu (ANC) reported that during the oversight visit, the Committee discovered that people were told to move to the Department of Social Development though they wanted to remain with the Department.

A Member of the Committee stated that the Committee received no written report from the Department regarding the matter.

Ms Tarabella-Marchesi, on page12, suggested that the Women and Gender Equity Bill, National Policy on Women Empowerment and Gender Equality, and National Gender Policy Framework be in line with the mandate given to the Department of Women in the Presidency.

Ms G Tseke moved for the adoption of the recommendation from Ms Tarabella-Marchesi.

Ms Tarabella-Marchesi, concerning resignations/dismissals/terminations on page34, said the Department should rephrase this section, make recommendations, and provide contingency plans. She also pointed out there were inconsistencies in the reports of the Department about the number of employees.

Ms Tseke agreed with the view of Ms Tarabella-Marchesi and added that the organogram of the Department was so vague and should be included in the action plans.

Ms C Majeke (UDM) mentioned that the chopping and changing happening in the Department was the cause for the inconsistencies and continuous restructuring. As a result, there was no outcome from the Department.

Ms Bhengu stated that the Committee should make recommendations on the workings of the Department in provinces because during an oversight visit to the Eastern Cape, the office of the Department was not in the Office of the Premier. It was in the Social Development Department.

Ms Tarabella-Marchesi added that the Committee had no idea how the Department operated in provinces because it spent most of its time restructuring. The Department should really tell the Committee about its structure within the Premier Offices and how it planned to work with district municipalities.

Ms Tseke noted that the Department was national and did not have provincial departments, but only units in the provinces. The Committee appropriated to the National Department. The Committee should decide if those units in provinces should also be given powers to account to Parliament. The provinces were doing a lot of work but they accounted to the Premiers, not to Parliament because Parliament did not give them money. Relations should be strengthened and the Department had to ensure its house was in order.

Ms Tseke, concerning Revised Strategic Plans on page 5, said the focus should be on major gender focal points because that was the mandate of the Department.

Ms Majeke said the Department was supposed to be powerful, especially given its mandate, but it did not seem to do what it was supposed to. It must be done with restructuring by January 2016 and start doing the work.

The report was adopted.

Adoption of minutes

13 October 2015
The Chairperson tabled the minutes.
The minutes were adopted.

14 October 2015
The Committee considered the document page by page.
The minutes were adopted.

20 October 2015
The Committee considered the document, page by page.

Ms Tseke suggested the transposition of Point 3 and 4.
The minutes were adopted.

The meeting was adjourned.

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