Inspector General of Intelligence: 2nd short-listing for interviews by JSCI Sub-Committee & report-back

Joint Standing on Intelligence

03 June 2015
Chairperson: Ms C September (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

In this meeting that was open to the public, the Sub-Committee of the Joint Standing Committee on Intelligence (JSCI) shortlisted three names for interviews for the position of Inspector General of Intelligence. These names were amongst eighteen nominations submitted during a second call for nominations. In the first call for nominations, eight names were shortlisted and interviewed but that process was not open to the public.

In the afternoon, the JSCI met in an open session to be briefed by its Sub-Committee about the outcome of its meeting that morning. The Sub-Committee noted that it had focused on those that had intelligence experience. The three names of the shortlisted candidates were presented and the JSCI approved them. The three names are to be added to the already shortlisted eight.  

The three candidates will be interviewed at a date to be announced. It remains unclear if the rest of the process will be transparent, whether the curricula vitae of the shortlisted candidates will be provided to the public and if the already eight interviewed candidates will be re-interviewed.

Meeting report

The Chairperson took the Sub-Committee through the rules of the Joint Standing Committee and those of the Sub-Committee. She then highlighted the rule pertaining to the presence of the media when the Committee is in session and informed the Sub-Committee the media would be allowed to document the proceedings.

Mr J Skosana (ANC) supported the view.

M J Stubbe (DA) seconded him.

The Chairperson informed the Members that the main purpose of the meeting was to shortlist candidates for the vacant post of the Inspector General of Intelligence. She indicated that the names to be shortlisted would be added to the list of the eight candidates who have been interviewed already.

The Chairperson reported that a late application has been received.

Mr D Gamede (ANC) said in terms of the rules and procedures the application must not be entertained because it missed the deadline.

Mr Skosana seconded him.

The Chairperson enlightened the Members that the list of names for shortlisting comprises two categories of candidates. The first category consists of candidates with knowledge, experience and training in intelligence. The second category is made up of candidates with no knowledge, experience and training in intelligence.

Mr Stubbe suggested that Members should focus only on the first category.

Ms S Dlamini-Dubazana (ANC) indicated that in the new list there is only one candidate who has an LLB.

The Chairperson noted that the advertisement did not state an LLB or LLM requirement. The main thing was experience and knowledge of intelligence.

Ms Dlamini-Dubaza proposed that Members be given 10 minutes to look at the list of those with intelligence knowledge and experience and have a concession on the number that are going to join the other eight for interviews.

Mr Gamede seconded her.

The Members agreed on the following three names:

1.  Mr Mahlubandile Radebe (7 votes)
2.  Ms Desiree Elizabeth Fouche (4 votes)
3.  Ms Annelize Gerber (2 votes)

The Chairperson indicated the three names would be presented to the Joint Standing Committee on Intelligence.

The JSCI Subcommittee meeting was adjourned.

Afternoon session:

At 4pm, the JSCI convened to receive a report-back by its Sub-Committee

The Chairperson took the Members through the Rules of the Joint Standing Committee on Intelligence. She highlighted the rule pertaining to the presence of the media when the Committee is in session and informed the Committee the media would be allowed to sit in for the meeting.

The Chairperson informed the Committee that the Sub-Committee had dealt with the 19 applications according to two categories: those who have knowledge, experience and training in intelligence and those who do not.

The Chairperson reported that one application was rejected because it missed the deadline.

Mr L Twala (EFF) agreed with this rejection if the submission of the applicant had not met the specifications.

Mr H Groenewald (DA) supported him.

The Chairperson stated that the Sub-Committee had focused on the applicants who have knowledge, experience and training in intelligence. She proposed the meeting look at the agreement the Sub-Committee had reached.

Mr H Groenewald (DA) supported the motion.

Mr D Gumede (ANC) seconded him.

The Sub-Committee then forwarded the following names to the Committee:
1.  Mr Mahlubandile Radebe: He received seven votes and he comes from the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) and Secret Service.
2.  Ms Desiree Elizabeth Fouche: She received four votes and she is from the SANDF.
3.  Ms Annelize Gerber: She received two votes and she comes from the SANDF.

The Chairperson proposed that the Committee should interview the three candidates.

Mr Groenewald agreed to the motion.

Mr S Mncwabe supported him.

Mr D Gumede asked if the three shortlisted candidates are knowledgeable about the oversight and monitoring role of the position.

The Chairperson answered in the affirmative.

Meeting adjourned.




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