Committee Reports: Appropriation Bill [B6-2015] & 3rd Quarter 2014/15 Performance Patterns

Standing Committee on Appropriations

03 June 2015
Chairperson: Mr S Mashatile (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

This was a Meeting of about thirty minutes consisting of Committee Members and Researchers. Members made a few corrections pertaining to wording of the draft reports and the necessary changes were effected.  There was also a recommendation made in the reports dealing with third quarter expenditure patterns, that the Human Settlements Department should consult with relevant departments in order to ensure that they did not build houses in places where there were no services, like water and electricity.

The second draft report on the Appropriation Bill and the second draft report on the third quarter expenditure patterns were adopted with amendments.

Meeting report

Second draft report of Scopa on third quarter expenditure patterns for 2014/15 financial year

The Chairperson said that on page one, corrections had been made. He then moved one to page 2 to 20.

On page 21 Members noted that there was a problem with point number 4.8, which stated that “the Minister of Human Settlements should ensure that the Department of Human Settlements.” The sentence was incomplete, and Members could not recall what had been recommended. The Chairperson then stated that the sentence should be deleted because Members did not want to recommend just for the sake of recommending.

A Committee Member recalled that Members had made mention of Human Settlements when they had spoken about integrated information technology. Members stated that the issue of integrated IT did not only speak to Human Settlements, but to other departments as well.

Mr A McLoughlin (DA) stated that to the best of his knowledge and recollection, he believed that they had been concerned about the intergovernmental relationships between Human Settlements and Water and Sanitation. The concern was that departments needed to plan together, so that Human Settlements would not build houses in places where there were no services.

He also stated that he had a concern with the hostels issue. The Minister had stated that she was abolishing hostels and at the same time there was a hostel refurbishment plan. He felt that the Committee should ask for clarity concerning the Human Settlements Department’s intentions regarding hostels.

The Chairperson asked Mr Mcloughlin what it was that he wanted to recommend with regards to integrated planning.

Mr Mcloughlin said that they needed to ensure that there was integrated planning between the related departments, which were Human Settlements, Public Works and Water and Sanitation.

The Chairperson said that Mr Mcloughlin had suggested that there were concerns about integrated planning.  He asked what the issue was with regard to hostels, and whether it involved Human Settlements. Had this been discussed with the Human Settlements Department?  He suggested that the issue about hostels be left out.

The Chairperson then stated that the Committee could comment that Human Settlements should ensure integrated planning across the spheres of government. That was the only issue that the secretariat had not captured properly.  He asked if that was fine, and the Committee agreed.

He said that the Committee had to adopt the report, and the Committee said they were happy to do so.  Ms S Shope-Sithole moved the adoption of the report.

Ms C Madlopha (ANC) suggested that an amendment be made with regard to the use of the word ‘sphere’ above. The wording of the comment above should read as “Human Settlements should ensure integrated planning across compulsory spheres of government and all relevant stakeholders.”

The report was seconded and adopted with that amendment.

Second Draft Report Scopa on 2015 Appropriation Bill

Mr McLoughlin recommended that in the introduction section, the Committee include the same wording from the Constitution as they had done in the other report.

The Chairperson asked if it was not included.

Mr McLoughlin said that in the Constitution, this was a Standing Committee and it was clearly provided for. The Committee had not only been established because of the Money Bills Act but because of the Constitution. It was the two provisions read together.

The Chairperson asked if researchers were listening.

The Researcher said that he had heard the comment by the Member -- which had also been made the previous day -- and had looked at the Constitution. According to his understanding, the Constitution (s75) gave rise to the Money Bills Act and the Act gave rise to establishment of the Committee. What the researcher planned to do was realign that provision with the establishment of the Committee. The Constitution did not specifically give rise to the Committee. It was the Money Bills Act that gave rise to the Committee.

The Chairperson asked the researcher to explain further.

The Researcher responded by stating that the Constitutional provision that gave rise to the Money Bills Act could be linked, so as to give context of the Act. He agreed that he would do this himself.

Mr McLoughlin said that he agreed with what the Researcher had said.

The Chairperson asked if there was anything on pages 2 to 4 and there was no comment by Members.

Mr McLoughlin suggested a correction be made on page 5 (point number 3.1).  He suggested that the word ‘resulting’ on the second line from the bottom of the first paragraph (3.1) should be changed to ‘resulted.’ The Researcher took note of that.

The Chairperson then proceeded to pages 7 to 9 and there were corrections or suggestions made.

Ms Shope-Sithole made a suggestion that the wording ‘Service Level Agreements’ which was in the plural form, be changed to a singular form because she was under the impression that there was only one contract involved. Other Committee Members raised concerns that it was possible that there was more than one Service Level Agreement. No changes were made.

The Chairperson proceeded to pages 11 and 12. There was a problem found by Mr McLoughlin on page 12. One paragraph seemed to imply that all mothers were HIV positive and he suggested that this needed to be changed, so as to specify “those who were infected.”

The Chairperson agreed that indeed the wording of that sentence should be changed.

The Researcher changed this wording to the suggested correction, with all Members in agreement.

The Chairperson proceeded to the following pages, and on page 14, point number 4.10, a Member suggested that the first word on the second line, which was ‘indication,’ should be changed to ‘intention.’ The change was effected.

The Chairperson then proceeded to following pages and asked who agreed with the adoption of the Report.

Ms R Nyalunga (ANC) moved, and Ms Madlopa seconded.

The Chairperson stated that the Report had been adopted and that concluded the business of the day.

The meeting was adjourned.

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