Department of Labour briefing on its Strategic Plan postponed

NCOP Economic and Business Development

12 May 2015
Chairperson: Mr L Suka (ANC; Eastern Cape)
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Meeting Summary

The Department of Labour was scheduled to brief the Committee on its Stategic Plan, Annual Performance Plan and budget for the current financial year. However the meeting was cancelled due to the absence of the Minister, Deputy Minister and the Director-General and without apologies from the two prinicipals. Members deemed this unacceptable and said the integrity of the Committee would not be compromised. A letter would be written to the Minister, and all information regarding a follow up meeting would be communicated. 

Meeting report

Chairperson’s opening remarks

The Chairperson indicated that the month of May was a very important month. 1 May was Workers Day and the 25th of May was Africa Day. He welcomed officials from the Department of Labour (DoL) to the meeting.

Briefing by the Department of Labour (DoL)

Ms Aggy Moiloa, Chief Operations Officer, DoL, thanked the Committee for the invitation. She indicated that the Director-General had rendered an apology for not being able to attend the meeting. The DG had previously tried to reschedule but due to the Committees tight schedule this was not possible.

The Chairperson confirmed that the Director-General had indicated that she would not be able to attend the meeting. He asked whether the Minister’s office had also tendered an apology.

Mr Gregory Schneeman, Chief of Staff, Ministry of Labour, replied that he was not aware that the Minister had been invited to the meeting.

Mr W Faber (DA; Northern Cape) said the Minister should have been in the meeting since it was the briefing on the Annual Performance Plan.

Mr B Nthebe (ANC; North West) said the DoL officials who were present were sent to represent the DoL in the meeting because they were capable in dealing with all concerns and question Members would raise.

The Chairperson Suka said the Committee would follow up on the absence of the Minister. The Committee had been in touch with the Minister’s Parliamentary Liaison Officer who would inform the Minister about the details of the meeting. He asked that the Committee proceed with the meeting.

Mr Faber said the meeting could not continue without any political representative. All three officials - the Minister, Deputy Minister and the Director-General were not present. This was not acceptable. He proposed that Members be allowed to have a five minute closed session to further discuss the matter.

The Chairperson agreed to this proposal.

The meeting was adjourned for five minutes.

The Chairperson welcomed officials and members of the public back to the meeting. He indicated that the meeting would not proceed without the Minister, Deputy Minister or the Director-General present. Only the Director-General had submitted an apology. In addition, any officials from the DoL who would lead the delegation needed to be accompanied by a letter from the Minister giving them the authority to lead the meeting; however the letter the Committee received was written by the Minister’s Parliamentary Liaison Officer and not the Minister. He apologised to the officials from the DoL who had travelled to Cape Town for the meeting, however a clear message needed to be sent to the Ministry. The integrity of the Committee would not be compromised, as a result a letter would be written to the Minister. Dates of a follow up meeting would be communicated to the Minister’s office.

Mr Faber asked whether the Chief Financial Officer was present.

Ms Moiloa indicated that the Chief Financial Officer was not present.

The meeting was adjourned.


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