Committee Report on Department of Tourism Budget Vote No.33


29 April 2015
Chairperson: Ms B Ngcobo (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

The Chairperson said the Committee had to look at the Draft Committee Report on Budget Vote No.33 and adopt the report for the next financial year. She was pleased with how the Committee and the Department of Tourism had worked well with each other; that the Committee was amongst the best in the Parliament.

Mr Jerry Boltina, Committee Secretary, emphasised what the Committee had added and done when the Department brought the report. Committee Researchers and the Department played a huge role in ensuring that the budget is good enough and well put together. The strategic objectives, Annual Performance Plan and the criteria the department used for its projects were among the biggest issues discussed in the report, also if there were any duplication from the Department and the entity being South African Tourism.

The Committee went through the report page by page and after some slight spelling errors the report was adopted.

Minutes of Committee meeting held on 17 April 2015 were adopted without amendment.

In other matters Mr Vos asked when the Committee will receive reports about tour guides and the work they do to improve Tourism in South Africa, also a progress report about SRI. The Chairperson then said that the Department would be called to account and give a full report on these matters.

Meeting report

Draft Committee Report on Budget Vote No.33
The Chairperson said the Committee for the first time had to come up with a zero based budget, a method of budgeting in which all expenses must be justified for each new period. This is for the Committee to monitor and manage its budget appropriately. The Committee therefore needs to look at and approve the report that already went through scrutiny from the Chair of Chairs and Chief Whip.

Mr Jerry Boltina explained that the Draft Budget had taken into account the input of the Committee Researchers and Content Advisor. There were a number of issues for which the Committee needed to get answers from the Department and South African Tourism. The issues being of strategic objectives, targets, domestic tourism and all the criteria that the department used to choose the projects it is busy with. They looked at Cooperative Governance and impact assessment issues for the Department’s projects, ad possible duplications the Committee sees between the entity and the department. Thereafter conclusions and recommendations were made from the Committee for the report to be adopted by the House.

The Chairperson tabled the report before the Committee and asked for the report to be viewed page by page for any spelling mistakes and errors.

Ms S Xego-Sovita (ANC) referred to page 10 of the report paragraph 3 that there was a spelling mistake.

The Chairperson asked for the adoption of the reported to be noted by Members.

Ms Xego-Sovita proposed the report be adopted, seconded by Mr J Vos (DA).

Ms E Masehela (ANC) noted a typing error in the first paragraph on page 10.

The report was adopted.

Adoption of minutes
Minutes of Committee meeting held on 17 April 2015 were adopted without amendment.

Other Matters
Mr Vos stated that the Committee has not received the Social Responsibility Investment (SRI) Progress Report and information on Tour Guides although the Minutes for that meeting have been adopted. He asked how the Committee should go about getting the report.

The Chairperson agreed. The Committee will invite the Department to come and explain themselves and give a full report on the matter. In terms of Tour Guides that information is needed, and to what extent they improve Tourism, which will be discussed when the Department comes over.

The meeting was adjourned.


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