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Public Accounts (SCOPA)

15 October 2002
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Meeting Summary

A summary of this committee meeting is not yet available.

Meeting report

15 October 2002

[This is a transcript of the meeting, produced by the Public Accounts Committee Secretariat.]



Chiba, Mr. L
Gerber, Mr. P
Hlangwana, Ms. N
Mothoagae, Ms. K
Nair, Mr. B


Lowe, Mr. M


Beukman, Mr. F (Chairperson)


Vezi, Mr. E


Kannemeyer, Mr. B (ANC)
Smith, Mr. V (ANC)
Mofokeng, Mr. R (ANC)
Woods, Dr. G (IFP)
Koornhof, Dr. (UDM)

In attendance

Mr. C Botes (Auditor-General's Office)
Mr. A Van Dyck (Auditor-General's Office)
Mr. D Titus (Auditor-General's Office)


The Chairperson welcomed members of the Committee. The agenda was adopted with amendments.

Adoption of Minutes of the previous meeting. (18 September 2002)

The minutes of the previous meeting were adopted with amendments.

Matters arising

Transnet (scrap-metal contracts)

Mr. Gerber proposed that the Committee request the Office of the Auditor General to provide the Committee with a progress report on their investigation of this matter. The committee agreed that the Auditor-General be requested to submit a report before recess and that the Secretary should draft a letter to that effect.


The Chairperson informed the Committee that a meeting between the Chairpersons of the Portfolio Committee on Justice and Constitutional Development, SCOPA and the Director General of the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development that was scheduled for 29 October 2002 would be rescheduled.


Mr. Chiba informed the Committee that the Researcher has tabled the terms of reference for the proposed meeting with the Chairperson of the RAF Board. The Group will consider them and propose a way forward to plenary on Wednesday, 16 October 2002.


The Chairperson reported on the Joint Resolution that was adopted by SCOPA and the Joint Standing Committee on Intelligence on 25 September 2002. He said that both Committees recommend that:

Parliament amend rule 206 to incorporate the referral of the Auditor general's report on Secret services to the JSCI.
All financial oversight of Intelligence Services, including the AG's Report be handled by the JSCI; and
That AG's reports of the 2001 and 2002 be referred to the JSCI for consideration and report to Parliament before the end of 2002.

Mr. Lowe enquired on whether the Committee has discussed and agreed on this position. The chairperson indicated that SCOPA agreed on the proposal during August 2002. He further indicated that the initial proposal from SCOPA was to have a joint subcommittee that will deal with the Auditor-General's reports on Secret Services, but because of envisaged difficulties in pursuing this route, the Committee agreed that it would be more appropriate to let the JSCI in accordance with international practice, deal with the matter.

Draft resolution on the Auditor General's General Report.

Adoption of the resolution on the AG's General Report was postponed to Wednesday.

Meeting with the Speaker/ SCAG Process

The Chairperson reported on the meeting that he and the two Conveners viz. Ms. Hlangwana and Mr. Gumede had with Madam Speaker. (MINUTES ATTACHED).

The Chairperson indicated that the input would be used in the finalisation of the SCAG report.

4. Group's Report-Backs

Group 1

Mr. Chiba reported that the Group:

Has processed fourteen draft resolutions, which would be tabled on Wednesday to plenary for adoption viz. Banking Sector and Education and Training Authority, Financial and Accounting Services Sector Education and Training Authority, Food and Beverages Manufacturing Sector Education and Training Authority, Forest Industries Education and Training Authority, Mining Qualifications Authority, Chemical Industries Education and Training Authority, Sector Education and Training Authority for Secondary Agriculture, Wholesale and Retail Sector Education and Training Authority, Manufacturing Engineering and related Services Education and Training Authority, Clothing, Textile, Footwear, and Leather Sector Education and Training Authority, Transport Education and Training Authority, Energy Sector Education and Training Authority, Diplomacy, Intelligence, Defence and Trade Education and Training Authority, Education, Training and Development Practices Sector Education and Training Authority..

Has agreed to consider eight resolutions after plenary for adoption on Wednesday, October 16, 2002 viz. Construction Education and Training Authority, Tourism, Hospitality and Sport Education and Training Authority, Media Advertising Publishing Printing Packaging Sector Education training Authority, Independent Complaint Directorate, Financial Services Board, Financial and Fiscal Commission, South African Bureau of Standards.
Would start with their preparations for SAPS hearing on Wednesday, 16 October 2002 between 09:00-11:00. The Auditors from the Office of the Auditor-General would brief the Group.
Has postponed tabling of resolutions on Transport and Labour because of some outstanding issues that need to be finalised.

Group 2

Ms. Hlangwana reported that the Group:

Has agreed to hold a joint preparatory meeting on the 29 October 2002 with the Portfolio Committee on Health. The purpose is to prepare for the Hearing scheduled for 6 November 2002 with the Department of Health.
Would arrange a meeting with the members of the three Provincial SCOPA Committees at the upcoming APAC Training to discuss issues pertaining to transfer payments at the Department of Health.
Is in the process of finalizing the terms of reference for a site visits to Department of Justice in Durban and East London. They would be tabled in plenary when available.
Would consider the following Annual Reports in their next meeting. Viz. Home Affairs (Mr. Lowe), Public Service Commission (Mr. Lowe) and Sports and Recreation (Mr. Beukman).
Is in the process of drafting a resolution on unauthorized expenditure on the annual report of the Presidency.
Has agreed not to proceed with the hearing on SITA.

The meeting adjourned at 11:30.


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