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Meeting Summary

A summary of this committee meeting is not yet available.

Meeting report

21 May 2002

[This is a transcript of the meeting, produced by the Public Accounts Committee Secretariat.]



African National Congress

Mr L Chiba
Mr P Gerber
Mr DM Gumede
Ms PK Mothoagae
Mr BZ Nair
Mr VG Smith

Democratic Party

Mr NS Bruce
Mr M Lowe

New National Party

Mr F Beukman

African Christian Democratic Party

Ms C Dudley

APOLOGIES: Ms NL Hlangwana, Mr BW Kannemeyer, and Dr GW Koornhof

In attendance from the Office of the Auditor-General: Mr C Botes, Mr P Mosaka, Ms L Less, and Mr A van Dyk


The issue regarding the content of Treasury Replies and follow up thereof
is referred to the Committee workshop.

Messrs N Masithela, M Lowe and F Beukman were nominated to
represent SCOPA on the APAC Council of Delegates.

2. Matters arising

The chairperson tabled the draft standard report in respect of Reports for which there were no hearings and asked members to give feedback to the secretariat in two weeks time. The chairperson reported that he had a meeting with the chairperson of the Joint Standing Committee on Intelligence and they agreed that a meeting between the two Committees should take place on Friday at 08:30.

The summary on the legal opinion on Sarafina will be available on 30 May. The possible date given by Parliament for a site visit is Friday.

Robben Island is fully booked and therefore it will not be possible to hold the workshop there.

Dr Koornhof indicated that he will be able o attend management subcommittee meetings on Tuesday. As a result of the letter written by the chairperson to the Chief Whip about attendance of SCOPA meetings, the Chief Whip indicated that he would like to be given feedback on the attendance of SCOPA meetings.

3. Group report back

3.1 Group one: Mr V Smith

The group looked at the Treasury Reply mechanism and found that some of the responses are not satisfactory. The group proposes that the issue of follow up on Treasury Replies should be placed on the agenda of the workshop. The group will table the draft resolutions on Defence and Legal Aid Board on 19 June.

There is no need to have a hearing on either SAPS or Correctional Services on 12 June. The group will identify a miscellaneous report for a hearing on that date and inform plenary. The hearing will then take place from 09:00 - 11:00.

The group recommends that the chairperson should write a letter to the Speaker to find out when the Intelligence report will be tabled. The agenda for the meeting with the Intelligence Committee should also be clarified.

The chairperson agreed that the follow up mechanism on Treasury Replies should form part of the agenda for the workshop. He then said that another group should put forward a proposal if it wants to use the 11:00 - 12:30 slot on 12 May. The agenda for the meeting with the Intelligence Committee will be made available tomorrow.

3.2 Group two: Ms K Mothoagae

The group could not meet because only one member attended. The convener apologised.
3.3 Group three: Mr D Gumede

The group was preparing for the Transport hearing.

4. General

The chairperson reported that Mr De Lange asked for a postponement of the meeting with the DG of Justice because he is busy with the "floor-crossing" legislation. A new date is being looked at.

The chairperson asked members to submit any proposals that they might have on the budget. Mr Nair added that the Budget Committee is looking at the budget on Thursday and the proposals should be submitted by Thursday.

Mr N Masithela, Mr M Lowe and Mr F Beukman were nominated to represent SCOPA on the APAC council of delegates.

Mr G Franklin briefed the Committee on the document management system and said that documents will be scanned and access can be obtained through the web wherever a member is. Access will be through a password. Once a document is in the system it will not be possible to alter the contents. Each document will be given a reference number. The system will cost roughly R6000, 00 per month to maintain. It can be implemented immediately.

The meeting adjourned at 11:50.


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