Medicines and Related Substances Amendment Bill: deliberations

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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report


12 November 2002

Chair: Ms Jacobus (ANC)

Relevant Document:
Medicines and Related Substances Amendment Bill [B40-2002]
Medicines and Related Substances Amendment Bill [B40B-2002]


The Committee deliberated on the Medicines and Related Substances Amendment Bill and except for a few objections from some parties, there was general agreement about the amendments to the bill.

Legal advisers took the committee through the amendments.

The first amendments concerned definitions. In this regard, the definition of magistrate should be defined in terms of the Magistrates Act of 1993 and secondly definition of medical practitioners should be according to the Medical Practitioners Act of 1982.

Regarding amendments specific to clauses, the legal team took the committee through the clauses.

Clause 3 appointment of registrar and deputy registrar as provisioning for the appointment of deputy registrar in addition to registrar.

Clause 5 set to align local regulations on medicines control with international practice.

Clause 6 amended for the provision of consultation between the Pharmacy and medicines council and also the regulation of medicine manufacturers to import and export barring a license is granted.

Dr Nel (NNP) expressed concern from his party about the provisions of clause 6(b).
Clause 7 was agreed to as such.

Clause 8 concerned the term of office of the pricing committee. Amendments sought to set out the exact term of office herein and secondly also sought to set the appropriate fee to be charged by distributors or wholesalers of medicines.

Clause 9 was agreed to as such.

Clause 10 concerned the privileges of the council and committees and amendments sought to improve the conditions of service therein.

Clause 11 concerned the powers of inspectors. Amendments sought to regulate the powers of these inspectors along constitutional adherence lines.

Clause 12 enabled the minister to regulate in consultation with the council. Amended to as such and also to allow the determination of export material standards.

Clause 13 concerned the long title of the bill and was agreed to as such.

Clause 14 concerned the repeal of Act 132 of 1998 and was agreed to as such

Clause 15 concerned the short title and was amended as such.

The chair pointed out that with the exception of a few objections, all amendments were agreed to by the committee.

The meeting was adjourned.


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