PC Social Development: First Term Committee Programme; Oversight Visit Report to Limpopo

Social Development

18 February 2015
Chairperson: Ms H Malgas (ANC) (Acting)
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Meeting Summary

The Committee met briefly to consider and adopt its first term programme, outstanding minutes and oversight visit report to Limpopo. It was noted that there were projects that the Committee had promised to visit in the previous but were unable to.  There was a commitment that the authorities would be consulted to make sure these visits take place in the future.

Meeting report

Election of Acting Chairperson and Apologies

Ms Lindiwe Ntsabo, Committee Secretary, said that given that the Chairperson had not arrived as yet, Rule 29 of Parliament allowed her to facilitate the process of electing an Acting Chairperson. Ms H Malgas (ANC) was elected unopposed as the Acting Chairperson.

Apologies were extended from Ms L van der Merwe (IFP) and Ms S Kopane (ANC)

First Term Draft Programme

The Acting Chairperson said that this was not going to be the ordinary meeting as the Committee only had matters to adopt and correct. She noted that next Wednesday the Department would be making a presentation and the Central Drug Authority would brief the Committee the week thereafter.

Ms E Wilson (DA), when asked by the Acting Chairperson, said that she had no problem with the Progamme, but was just concerned that this meeting did not quorate.

The Committee Secretary said that this meeting had 50% + one in attendance, and therefore had a quorum.  .

The First Term Draft Programme was adopted.

The Chairperson arrived and was welcomed.

Oversight visit Report to Limpopo

The Acting Chairperson said that this document would be dated when it was adopted. She asked if everyone was satisfied with the introduction.

The Acting Chairperson asked if the following paragraph was okay: The Committee found that these projects were a success despite some operational challenges that it recommended the Minister of Social Development to ensure that the provincial department assist the project to solved. She asked if this was phrased correctly. She proposed the following wording: ‘to assist projects to resolve these challenges’ to provide clarity.

Ms R Capa (ANC) recalled that one of the problems discovered during the visit was the fact that the bakery was not functioning because some parts were faulty. Also, the Committee did not have the opportunity to look at the financial reports, although they said that the financial reports were good. The bakery had also said that it had been identified to be a national food distributor although the venue was very small to do that work. She felt that the content referred to such challenges.

The Acting Chairperson said that the above-mentioned phrase should be changed to: ‘to assist projects to address these challenges’.

Ms Wilson said that she was happy with the document as it appeared.

The Report was adopted.

Ms Capa said that she was happy that the Report was adopted especially because the MEC and other stakeholders in the province were met. There were projects that the Committee had promised to visit but were unable to because it had been recalled to Parliament.  While the Report had been adopted, the Committee was aware that there were projects it still had to visit, and was disappointed that it was unable to. When it had spare time, the leadership would be spoken to about visiting these projects. Apologies had been made in this regard, but time would be taken to finalise the visits. 

The Acting Chairperson thanked the Chairperson for her support and guidance during the visit.

Adoption of committee Minutes

Committee Minutes dated 12 November 2014

The document was tabled for consideration.

Ms Capa said that the wording ‘high rate of bullying’ had to be added to the second point under 3. Deliberations.

The Draft Minutes of 12 November were adopted as amended.

Committee Minutes dated 19 November 2014

The document was tabled for consideration.

Ms Capa asked that it should be checked if Ms C Dudley (ACDP) attended the meeting because it was reported that she was unable to attend. Her name has to be entered under ‘Apologies’. Under ‘Opening and Welcome’, there should just be the Minister and the Deputy Minister of Social Development.

The Draft Minutes of 19 November were adopted as amended.

The Acting Chairperson asked Ms Capa to close the meeting.

Ms Capa thanked all Members for their support they gave to her while she mourned the loss in her family.  She welcomed everyone back to the extended family in Parliament. The Committee was encouraged to work well. The elections were not the end of Parliament. The task was one of promoting social cohesion. She appealed to all to have a strong focus on bread and butter issues.  The Committee was best positioned to provide social cohesion. The Committee was thanked for ensuring that it did not ‘drop the ball’ when faced with challenges.

The Acting Chairperson announced that the Content Advisor was away till next week.

The meeting was adjourned.


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