Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) Annual Report 2013/14 briefing

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22 October 2014
Chairperson: Mr F Beukman (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

[This meeting was not placed in the Parliamentary Papers and so PMG was not informed about it and did not attend]. The minutes below were obtained from Parliament and have been reproduced in its entirety.

Meeting report





Draft Minutes of the Portfolio Committee on Police


Date                :     22 October 2014 

Time               :     09:00

Venue             :      Park - Inn by Radisson

Agenda           :      Consideration of the Annual Report of the Independent Police Investigative

                               Directorate   for 2013/14.


Attendance by Committee Members



Name of Member

Political Party








Beukman, Mr F  (Chairperson)

Molebatsi, Ms MA

Mmola, Ms MP

Maake, Mr JJ

Mabija, Ms L

African National Congress (ANC)



Kohler Barnard, Ms D

Mbhele, Mr Z


Democratic Alliance (DA)



Twala, Mr DL

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF)




Groenewald, Mr PJ

Freedom Front Plus (FF+)



Tshishoga, Mr MM




Mncwango, Mr MA

Mmola, Ms MP


Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) African National Congress (ANC)



* (the asterisk indicates that the member is an alternate)


Parliamentary Officials


Parliamentary Officials


Ms B Mbengo

Committee Secretary

Mr I Kinnes

Committee Content Adviser

Mr K Lobi

Committee Assistant

Ms N  Van Zyl- Gouws

Committee Researcher

Mr T Mbandlanyana

Committee Researcher



Independent Police Investigative Directorate


Mr RJ McBride

Executive Director of IPID

Mr PM Setshedi

Director: Finance

Mr MZ Dlamini

National Spokesperson

Mr M Sesoko

Chief Director: Investigative information Management

Mrs NC Netsianda

Chief Director

Mrs MC Lobe

Parliamentary Liaison Officer

Mrs NA Mphango

Director: Executive Support


Opening and welcome


The Chairperson opened the meeting and welcomed all present. He gave a background overview of the purpose of Budgetary Review and Recommendation reports as stipulated in the Money Bills Procedure and Related Matters Act of 2009.  


2. Presentation by the Researcher

The presentation made by the Researcher on the Annual Report Analysis of the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) for 2013/14. She reported to the Committee that the Management Performance Assessment Tool (MPAT) measures four areas of management performance namely strategic management, Governance & accountability, Human Resources management and Financial Management.



2.1 Presentation by Department

The presentation focused on the following areas: Management Performance Assessment Tool (MPTA), spending patterns, Auditor - General report, Staffing, targets and programme performance of Administration, Investigation and Information Management and Legal Services.  She indicated that the overall performance has increased in 2013/14 comparing to the previous financial year of 2012/13.


The Executive Director of the IPID gave a background overview of the presentation. The presentation contained information on the service delivery environment, IPID workload over 2013/14, context of underspending, convictions and court roll, departmental expenditure and assurances provided.


The Chief Financial Officer of the IPID presented the overview of financial statements, appropriation statement, expenditure per programme: Programme 1: Administration, Programme 2: Investigation and Information Management and Programme 3: Legal Service, measure to improve expenditure trends, statement of financial performance, other key disclosure areas, events after reporting date, key Auditor - General observations,  and summary of  financial performance.


The Chief Director presented 2013/14 Annual Report on Programme: 1 Administration. She reported to the Committee that out of 12 key performance indicators (KPIs), 7 performance targets were achieved and another 5 was not achieved.  She explained the reasons why the performance indicators were not achieved and further highlighted those indicators: financial and strategic reports submitted, women representation at SMS level, disability representation, vacancy rate and policy review.


The Chief Director’s presentation of 2013/14 Annual Report on Programme2: Investigation and Information Management contained information on progress performance, statistical information on the intake yearly changes, intake per classification, active workload per province, workload vs completed cases, completed cases per classification, criminal recommendations, disciplinary recommendations, criminal convictions, disciplinary convictions and Auditor-General report.


The Chief Director’s presentation of 2013/14 Annual Report on Programme 3: Legal Services focused on progress performance of the programme.







3. Resolutions


The Committee requested the following additional information from the IPID:


•           A copy of service delivery improvement plan.

•           To improve the gender equity within its Senior Management Structure.

•           To fast – track the ICT Governance Plan;

•           The Committee agreed to invite the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID), South African Police Service (SAPS) and the Civilian Secretariat for Police to discuss the challenges experienced in the monitoring of the implementation of recommendations of the disciplinary cases on 19 November 2014.


4. Closing remarks by the Chairperson


The Chairperson thanked the Department for their presentation and the members for their cooperation. 



The Committee adjourned at 13:00.



______________                    _________     

Mr Beukman, MP                   Date

Chairperson: Portfolio Committee on Police




























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