Department Of Police Vote No. 25 Annual Report 2013/14 briefing

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21 October 2014
Chairperson: Mr F Beukman (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

[This meeting was not placed in the Parliamentary Papers and so PMG was not informed about it and did not attend]. The minutes below were obtained from Parliament and have been reproduced in its entirety.

Meeting report




Draft Minutes of the Portfolio Committee on Police


Date                :  21 October 2014

Time               :  09:00

Venue             :  Park-Inn by Radisson

Agenda         :

  • South African Police Service 2013/14 Annual Report: SAPS Programmes1: Administration and Programme 2: Visible Policing.


  • Crime Intelligence briefing on the progress made with the vetting of SAPS senior managers.


Attendance by Committee Members



Name of Member

Political Party






Beukman, Mr F  (Chairperson)

Molebatsi, Ms MA

Mmola, Ms MP

Maake, Mr JJ

Mabija,Ms L


African National Congress (ANC)



Kohler Barnard, Ms D

Mbhele, Mr Z


Democratic Alliance (DA)



Twala, Mr DL


Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF)




Groenewald, Mr PJ

Freedom Front Plus (FF+)



Mncwango, Mr MA


Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP)





* (the asterisk indicates that the member is an alternate)


Parliamentary Officials


Parliamentary Officials


Ms B Mbengo

Committee Secretary

Mr I Kinnes

Committee Content Adviser

Mr K Lobi

Committee Assistant

Ms N  Van Zyl- Gous

Committee Researcher

Mr T Mbandlanyana

Committee Researcher



South African Police Service


General MV Phiyega

National Commissioner

Lt Gen CN Mbekela

Deputy National Commissioner:: Corporate Service Management

Lt Gen SJP Schutte

Deputy National Commissioner: Resource Management

Lt Gen E Mawela

Acting - Deputy National Commissioner: Policing

Lt Gen LJ Mothiba

Provincial Commissioner: Gauteng

Maj Gen R Fick

Acting - Provincial Commissioner: Western Cape

Lt Gen JT Molefe

Executive Legal Officer

Maj Gen VP Ngesi

Head: Corporate Communication

Brigadier Surajbali

Head: Strategic Management

Maj Gen DT Nkosi

Head: Internal Audit

Lt Gen GJ Kruser

Divisional Commissioner: Supply Chain Management

Maj Gen KS Husselmann

Head: Immovable Assets and Export Services Management

Lt Gen NS Mkhwanazi          

Divisional Commissioner:  Facility Management

Lt Gen NNH Mazibuko          

Divisional Commissioner: Human Resource Management

Lt Gen BC Mgwenya

Divisional Commissioner: Auxiliary Service


Maj Gen A Shezi        

Acting Divisional Commissioner: Technology Management Service

Maj Gen Matshatshe 

Acting - Divisional Commissioner:  Inspectorate

Maj Gen S Nyalungu 

Head: Basic Police Development, Human Resource Development

Maj Gen LL Gossmann         

Head: General Research and Curriculum Development, Human Resource Development

Brigadier LS Malahlela

Section Head: Executive Secretariat and Information Management

Lt Col KB Steyn

Office of the National Commissioner




1. Opening and welcome


The Chairperson opened the meeting and welcomed all present.


2. Presentation by the Department


The South African Police Service presented the Annual Report 2013/14 and the presentation contained information on the overall performance, actual performance against targets per programme, Auditor General report on the financial statements, income statement, spending performance, departmental receipts (Revenue) voted funds and departmental payment, spending variances, Programme 1: Administration, Programme 2: Visible Policing, major highlights and spending performance of programme.  


The National Commissioner took the Committee Members through the Auditor –General report on the financial statement on the following areas:


  • The audit opinion was unqualified;
  • Contingent liability for lease contract of the Pretoria building; and
  • Possible irregular Expenditure  (as disclosed in Note 25 to financial statements)


The Acting Chief Financial Officer presented the financial performance for the period under review. He reported particularly on the funds which were in the revenue, expenditure net surplus /deficit. He started by indicating to the Committee that the department had voted funds of R68 791 426. He mentioned that the current/capital funds was at the amount of R68 791 398 and the net surplus amount of R28 000 remained unspent at year end. The revenue funds during the year were R 386,341 million. The sale of goods and services produced by the department was mainly for firearms license applications and accident reports and amounted to R153, 412 million. Sales of scrap and other used good was R12, 388 million, fines, penalties and forfeitures were R50, 563 million. The Interest received via corporate banks were R0, 769 million, Sales of capital assets was R3, 757 million and Transaction in assets and liabilities was R165, 452 million mainly on recovery of debt. The local and foreign aid assistance received for the year was R5, 828 million in an addition to an opening balance of R6, 497 million with net surplus of R 0,502 million.


The Acting Chief Financial Officer took the Committee through an overview of spending variances of its five programmes.


Programme 1: Administration

The SAPS reported that the underspending was due to the total amount allocated for building and other infrastructure (capital works) not being utilised fully and a reduced spending level on goods and services.


Programme 2: Visible Policing:

It was reported that the increases in fuel and oil, goods and services caused a net overspending on the funding allocated.


Programme 3: Detective Services 

The SAPS indicated to the Committee that there was a specific focus on enhancing the detectives services capacity funding was required for this programme for capital purchases of the machine, equipment and vehicles.


Programme 4: Crime Intellegnce

The net variances were mainly for compensation of employees spending.


Programme 5: Protection and Security Service

The net variances were mainly for goods and services and capital purchases in the VIP Protection Services sub-programme to strength the vehicle fleet capital and the overall level of spending on goods and services.


Technology Management Services:


The National Commissioner informed the Committee that there were good systems in place within the Department. She further indicated that the Department was also tightening their relationship with SITA.


The General reported on the South African Police Service Integrated Justice System (IJS) sub-programme performance for the period under review. The Department has achieved 42 out of 53 performance indicators. The SAPS have planned 4 project on the performance plan and the amount of the projectors budgeted for were as follows: Action Request for service (R 6779 384), ID Service (fingerprint enrolment system: R5 255 million), Property control and exhibit management (R 88 574 928) and Case docket management system (R 105 405 029). The total expenditure on IJS annual performance projects amounted to R200 764 596.


Criminal Justice system

The Criminal Justice system target planned for 2013/14 was 95% and achieved 37% out of 95%. The Department prioritised five projects within the cluster on the following projects:


  1. Capacitation & modernization of component Criminal Record Centre


  • Field Terminal Devices (mobiles search)
  • AFIS


  1. Expansion of Automation and digital solution CR & CSM.


  1. Capacitation & Modernization of component of forensic Service


  • (CCTV)


  1. Expansion of automation and digital solutions FSL


  1. Capacitation & modernization of component detectives


  • Expansion of hardware & software (detectives ,VISPOL, Forensic)


The National Commissioner was of the opinion that all the transversal projects should be transferred to its SAPS Management board. The Accounting officer need to agree on the transfer of the transversal projects.


Police Inspectorate


The Inspectorate Unit planned to conduct 790 inspections completed 542 out of 790. The Department stated that an additional number of 432 inspections was required to address urgent attention in this regard.


The Acting Head of the Crime Intelligence presentation entailed the following areas: vetting process, vetting statistics of all SAPS Senior Managers; Status of Senior Managers applications for Security Clearance per ranks, Senior Managers are cleared for Top Security rating. She took the Committee through the seven steps that are taken during the vetting process namely: Capturing, Screening, Investigation, Polygraph, Evaluation, SVP and Issuing of Vetting Clearance Certificate.


3. Resolutions


The Committee requested the following additional information from the SAPS:

  •  To submit a report on criminal investigation into Waymark   as matter of urgency.
  • To provide a written report on  criteria used to issue the vehicles at the stations
  • Report on progress made on turnaround strategy of the Police Inspectorate by 24 October 2014.
  • To provide information regarding  the  resignation s at the Bellville police station
  • The Committee recommended that the Department fill the critical positions of senior management as a matter of urgence
  • The Department requested the Committee to consult with the detectives regarding the trio crime issues and would provide a consolidated report in this regard.
  • The Committee requires an updated document on the progress of the turnaround strategy for the Central Firearm Registry.
  • A full report on the Memorandum of Agreement with the Council Scientific I Industrial Researcher (CSIR), the basket of services provided and the budget and costs.
  • A full report on the progress with filling vacancies at leadership level in the following environments: TMS, Provincial Commissioner(s), Crime Intelligence, CFO, VISPOL, Inspectorate, Human Resources and Training, Research Institute.
  • Provide a full list of all SIU investigations and progress reports. Into SAPS
  • Provide a report on the disciplinary steps SAPS have taken against   officers involved in escapes.
  • Provide a report on police targets and reaction times in all provinces.
  • Provide a rural - urban mix diagnostic report and reaction times in rural areas.
  • Provide a report on border arrests and convictions.
  • Provide a reconciled report to the Committee on the disparities between the number of arrests (1.7 million) and the figure (1.3 million) drawn out from the OPAM system as recorded in the 2013/14 Annual Report.
  • Provide the Committee with a detailed report on the strategy to deal with Mall robberies.
  • Provide a report on how SAPS will ensure that the information recorded in the pocket books would be reconciled with the AG reporting ABC complaints reaction times and verification of information at station level.
  • Provide a copy of the SOP to deal with reaction times.
  • Provide a report on the expected implementation of deputy - station commanders.
  • Provide a report on the strategy the Department will follow on members who do not have firearm competency certificates.


4. Closing remarks by the Chairperson


The Chairperson thanked the Department and Members for their presentation and cooperation.


The Committee adjourned at 17:00.




______________                                                                                                        _________     

Mr Beukman, MP                                                                                                       Date

Chairperson: Portfolio Committee on Police




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