Women in the Presidency Budget Review and Recommendations Report

Women, Youth and Persons with Disabilities

23 October 2014
Chairperson: Ms G Tseke (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

The Committee adopted the BRRR report with the amendments of putting a time frame for things which had to be done as well as indicating that the Wage Bill report had lapsed because it was erroneous.

The recommendations of the Committee included the fact that the Committee was to have more contact with the Department of Women Affairs so as to improve their oversight role. Members said in order for this to be achieved, the Department had to alert the Committee timeously about what it was going to do and when. Members also said it was of high importance that they conducted their oversight in a proper manner because government departments needed to be held accountable for the betterment of the South African society. The Committee was satisfied with the manner in which it had started out in its new term of office and set out their recommendations in a manner in which would allow successful oversight.

Meeting report

The Acting Chairperson welcomed the Members and said the Committee should proceed with the adoption of the BRRR report as Members had to attend the plenary session at 2pm. She said the report was given to Members on time and that she hoped they had prepared any amendments beforehand.

Presentation on the BRRR Report

The Committee Content Advisor proposed that the Committee should move straight to recommendations and observations for the sake of time and that as far as she knew the only concern of the Committee regarding the report was that it was tabled late. She proceeded to read out the report as given to Members and asked for amendments accordingly.

Ms D Robinson (DA) said it should state on the report when the Department would fill the vacant posts as well as stress that the Wage Bill had lapsed and that that report regarding the Bill was erroneous

The Acting Chairperson concurred that the Bill needed to be reintroduced to Parliament.

Ms Robinson also asked that the Department indicate to them in advance about what it was going to do so that the Committee could conduct its oversight accordingly. She said this needed to be reflected in the report.

Ms M Chue (ANC) said the Committee should develop time frames for the issues they had tabulated so that it could work efficiently in doing their oversight.

The Acting Chairperson then asked Members to move for the adoption of the report with the identified amendments.

Ms Cheu moved for the adoption of the report.

The motion was seconded by Ms Robinson.

The meeting was adjourned.


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