Guidelines on Interacting with Sporting Federations: discussion

Sports, Arts and Culture

20 August 2002
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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report


20 August 2002

Ms NR Bengu (ANC)

Documents handed out:
Proposed Guidelines for dealing with Sporting Federations (document awaited)

The Committee dealt extensively with the guidelines that have been proposed by the ANC study group on how to interact with the various Sporting Federations. Members agreed to adopt the guidelines, subject to the incorporation of certain recommendations. These included the recommendation that the Committee section should compile a list of all the Federations so that Members could be allocated to the different Federations as part of their oversight role.

The Chairperson informed the Committee that the ANC study group has come up with guidelines on how to interact with the various sporting federations and other parties can add to or amend the document. They have always interacted with the Federations when addressing issues of transformation. She said they needed to have a common platform and a clear understanding of what is to be done. In most of the meetings with the Federations they end up fighting. The guidelines were formulated in order to agree on issues that need to be tackled.

Mr TD Lee (DP) said he did not see anything in the guidelines on the funding situation and he added that they should speak to the Federations about sponsorship.

Dr EA Schoeman (NNP) asked how they would identify talent and whether the Federations have Coaches that are trained for developmental purposes.

Mr HP Chauke (ANC) said he fully endorses the document but they need to identify the principles that led to these guidelines. What they want to achieve will be based on the principles. He added that they should not neglect other sporting codes. For instance in Manchester they took key sporting codes that brought medals.

Mr A Mlangeni (ANC) said he has always been under the impression that the principal aim of sport is to win. He said he does not understand why they should concentrate on certain sporting codes because that does not make sense.

The Chairperson said that since Mr Mlangeni was part of meeting that drew up the document he should have questioned that in the study group.

Mr ZI Ncinane said the guidelines should have a specific focus on Olympic sport yet he was not implying that other non-Olympic sport should be ignored.

Mr Lee said they do not want to create the impression that there is one sport better than the others.

Mr Chauke proposed the adoption of the guidelines with the corrections that are to be made.

Mr CM Morkel (NNP) sad if the text remained as it is there are sporting bodies that are not going to be covered. He wanted also to know whether the points that were made covers his concern. For instance anoeing is not under their scrutiny and monitoring.

Mr Chauke asked Members to recall that when they formed the sub-committees they wanted to deploy each Member to a sporting federation. They are also going to identify sporting federations and group them into a cluster and all Federations will be covered by members of the Committee.

Ms.BG Mbulawa-Hans (ANC) seconded the adoption of the guidelines.

The Chairperson said they are finalising the guidelines.

Mr Lee repeated that they must not create an impression to the sporting codes that they practicing low sport.

The Chairperson said they have agreed that they had little interaction with low profile sporting codes and that should be rectified. She said they way they are interacting they have been meeting only with the high profile sporting codes.

Mr Lucas (IFP) said they should contact the Federations in order to get a feel on where they stand on these issues.

Mr Chauke proposed that the Committee section should compile a list of all the Federations and place it in front of the Members to allocate Members to the different Federations as part of their oversight role.

The Chairperson agreed with Mr Chauke's point.

The meeting was adjourned.


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