Adoption of Final Report

Oversight & Accountability

20 August 2002
Chairperson: Ms Fatima Chohan-Kota
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Meeting Summary

The Committee formally adopted the final report and discussed some technical changes, which were agreed upon. All Members agreed to the adoption of the report subject to the amendments discussed. The final report is to be submitted to the Joint Rules Committee.

Meeting report

The Chair stated that the aim of the meeting would be the formal adoption of the final report which would then be submitted to the Joint Rules Committee. The Chair suggested that the Committee peruse the executive summary and adopted the report based on this to which the Committee agreed.

Mr Jeffery (ANC) pointed out that the report did not have a logical flow and suggested that there should be a short document accompanying it with a summary of the Committee's recommendations that had a logical flow.

The Chair replied that a coherent summary of the Committee's recommendations would be inserted in the conclusion and this would be incorporated in the document submitted to the Joint Rules Committee. The Committee agreed to this suggestion.

Mr Jeffery made criticisms of an editorial and formatting nature.

The Chair suggested that she would circulate an errata sheet to all the members to make such observations in order to rather deal with substantive issues at the meeting.

Mr Lever (NCOP) was satisfied with the section on the NCOP.

Mr Cassim (IFP) submitted that the Committee should adopt the report and should add a preface to it that included a brief background of the six-year history of the Committee and mentioned the members of the Committee.

The Chair thanked the Committee for their dedication and stated that she would try to convene a special Joint Rules Committee meeting.

The meeting was adjourned.


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