Election of Chairperson

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Trade, Industry and Competition

24 June 2014
Chairperson: Ms J Fubbs (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

The Portfolio Committee on Trade and Industry met briefly to elect a Chairperson for the Committee. The election process was presided over by the Committee Secretary, Mr Andre Hermans. There was a unanimous decision to elect Ms J Fubbs (ANC) as Committee Chairperson.     

Meeting report

Electon of Chairperson
Mr Andre Hermans, Committee Secretary, began by welcoming all the Committee Members. Thereafter, he read out the operational rules for the election of the Committee Chairperson. Each Member was allowed to vote once, if there was only one nomination, the Member nominated would be declared Chairperson. If there was more than one nomination, the member with the highest votes would become the Chairperson.

Ms M Tsopo (ANC) nominated Ms J Fubbs (ANC) to be the Chairperson.

Ms M Matshoba (ANC) seconded the nomination.

Ms Fubbs accepted the nomination.

There were no other nominations.

The Committee Secretary pronounced Ms A Fubbs as the Committee Chairperson

Opening Remarks by Chairperson
The Chairperson welcomed the Members and the staff of the Committee and thanked the Committee Secretary for undertaking the duty of presiding over the election.

The Chairperson emphasised that the Committee would have two secretaries, Mr Andre Hermans and Mr Nkanyiso Mkhize, to allow for the effective execution of the administrative duties of the Committee. She welcomed the Committee Researcher, the Content Advisor and the Department of Trade and Industry’s Parliamentary Liaison Officer of the Committee.  

The Chairperson expressed appreciation that the Members for the support and giving opportunity to serve in this capacity. She reminded Committee Members that “all hands must be on deck” to ensure that the multi-party democracy and oversights be carried out efficiently and effectively. She congratulated the Acting Secretary to Parliament in absentia, Ms P Tyawa, who was appointed after the untimely demise of Mr M Coetzee. She informed Members that a short memorial service would be held for Mr Coetzee during the afternoon.     

Mr G Hills-Lewis (DA) wanted to know when Committee Members would receive the schedule.

The Chairperson responded that she had just been informed that the schedule would be made available the following day. However, it should be noted that it was draft schedule and may be adjusted due to clashes with other portfolio committees. She emphasized that after receiving the draft schedule, Members should inform the Committee Secretary if their meetings clashed with other portfolio committees that they were involved with.
The meeting was adjourned.


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