Election of Chairperson

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Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs

24 June 2014
Chairperson: Mr M Mdakane (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

Mr Mzameni Richard Mdakane (ANC) was elected as Chairperson. There were no other nominations. The newly elected Chairperson urged Members to study the National Assembly Rules.

Meeting report

Election of Chairperson
Ms Shireen Cassiem, Committee Secretary, announced that a Chairperson had to be elected in terms of Rule 29 of the National Assembly. She asked for nominations. Mr E Mthethwa (ANC) nominated Mr Mdakane and Mr M Mapulane (ANC) seconded the nomination. Mr M Mdakane (ANC) was duly elected as Chairperson.

Introductory remarks and discussion
The newly elected Chairperson thanked Members. He announced that Mr Mthetwa would be the Committee Whip. A programme of action would be available the following week. He urged Members to read the Rules of the National Assembly. Members would receive a programme before the end of that day. The Department would present their Strategic Plan in the near future.

Mr B Bhanga (DA) requested that the Minister be invited to address the Committee rapidly.

The Chairperson replied that the Minister was still at work to establish himself in the portfolio. The President had referred to local government in the State of the Nation Address, and the Minister had to deal with those issues. It was important to look at the Strategic Plan of the Department.

Mr S Tleane (ANC) reminded Members that it was not yet possible to make decisions on that day. It was only necessary to establish the programme. The Minister would ground things in due course. The first step was to establish the Committee.

Mr C Matsepe (DA) asked that Members be furnished with the programme soon. He had received an sms about the day’s meeting only the day before.

The Chairperson replied that things would be on time from now on. He would meet with the Secretary and the Whip. He again urged Members to read the National Assembly Rules, especially the Rules dealing with parliamentary committees. Discussion was driven by the rules. Parliament was a political body. The local government process had to be driven.

The Chairperson adjourned the meeting.

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