Election of Chairperson

Sports, Arts and Culture

24 June 2014
Chairperson: Ms BN Dlulane (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

Ms Beauty Nomvuzo Dlulane was elected to be Committee Chairperson. The process was completed without contestation.

Meeting report

The Committee Secretary asked Committee members to introduced themselves. Thereafter she outlined the election process for the Committee Chairperson of the Committee and asked for nominations.

Mr S Ralegoma (ANC) nominated Ms BN Dlulane to be the Committee Chairperson.

Mr B Dlomo (ANC) seconded the nomination.

Ms B Dlulane was announced as Committee Chairperson. She said her passion was to transform sport and recreation in the country and she hoped that all the members were of the same spirit though obviously, due to party differences, members would be carrying specific mandates from their respective parties. The Chairperson noted that the sms that had gone out over the previous weekend stating that the Committee had to adopt its proposed programme for the rest of 2014 could be ignored as that was not parliamentary process.

Mr G Malatsi (DA) congratulated the Chairperson on her nomination. He asked whether it would be possible, after the Chairperson had been briefed by her office, for the Committee to be notified on "where it would go", considering that there could be overriding business from the previous Committee's work.

The Chairperson said that indeed she would also read the Legacy Report and that would form part of the interaction she would have with the Committee after her brief with her office staff. That would then be part of the programme the Committee would have to decide on. She reiterated that there would be a communique from her office possibly the following morning.

Mr Malatsi asked for a date by when the Committee should expect to reconvene for discussion on the legacy report and the programme.

The Chairperson told the Committee that the House Chairperson of Parliament would convene a Chairpersons’ meeting that afternoon where scheduling of meetings and a mandate for Committee Chairpersons would be received. The rest of the Committee’s work would be communicated to members after that meeting with the House Chairperson, and also following a briefing from her office staff.

Mr P Moteka (EFF) congratulated the Chairperson on her nomination. He asked if members could expect communication on the date of the next committee meeting by the following day.

The Chairperson responded in the affirmative. 

The Committee Secretary asked if the Committee had received notification about training on the budget process on the following day. The Committee confirmed the notification.

Meeting adjourned.


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